Biomedical Science

Photo of student checking the blood pressure of a patient.

experience the care in your medical career

People who pursue medical careers care about people. That’s what makes choosing a medical career so appealing. Whether they’re treating injuries as an emergency room doctor, removing wisdom teeth as an oral surgeon or remedying disabilities as a physical therapist, medical professionals help people in ways they can’t help themselves. It’s more than a career. It’s compassionate care.

At Union, we know that degrees are not “one size fits all.” They can’t be when you need training to pursue your unique passion. That’s why Union’s biomedical science degree matches your educational needs with your career goals. You can prepare for graduate school in this competitive program while pursuing another passion—like music or business—and still graduate in four years.

Choose from three core track options: pre-med, pre-pharmacy or pre-physician’s assistant. You will also get to choose a supporting area such as business, psychology or international rescue and relief. This is a feature not found in other biomedical science programs, and it will help you stand out as a well-rounded professional school candidate.

Pursuing your medical career at Union starts with options. Choose a pre-professional degree in biology, chemistry or international rescue and relief, among others. Biomedical science is designed specifically for pre- professional students. As a biomedical science major, you will study the fundamentals of health care while taking elective courses in a supporting area like business or psychology. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for professional school and your future career.

A pre-professional degree is the first step to pursuing a medical career in any number of specialties. Medical professionals serve as leaders in their chosen professions; they take initiative, communicate efficiently, work ethically and responsibly, provide medical knowledge for diagnosing and treating patients, improve health care practices and conduct research.

Possible Career Paths

  • Biological engineer—clarifies issues in biology and medicine by applying engineering principles and techniques to improve health care practices and advance clinical treatment.
  • Dentist (DDS)—diagnoses and treats complications with a patient’s teeth, gums and all other aspects of oral health.
  • Osteaopathic physician (DO)—specializes in healing and treating the patient as a whole.
  • Physical therapist (PT)—specializes in evaluating and treating various diagnoses that limit physical functioning.
  • Physician (MD)—specializes in diagnosing, controlling and treating diseases or any other health complications.
What our alumni are saying ...
Sneha Shrestha
Photo of Sneha Shrestha

projected May 2016 grad; pre-med, biomedical science (business emphasis)

“I chose the biomedical program because it gave me flexibility. The pre-professional focus will help prepare me for medical school, and my supporting area gives me the opportunity to study business so that I can learn skills beyond medicine that will help me succeed.”

Hiboombe Haamankuli
Photo of Hiboombe Haamankuli

May 2014 grad; pre-med, biomedical science (psychology emphasis)

“Switching to the biomedical program was the best decision I ever made. I now feel like I’m at an advantage when I begin med school in the fall of 2015, due to classes like histology, mammalian physiology and human anatomy. The ability to have an emphasis in psychology diversified my application as well, and it will help me relate better to my patients in the future.”

Eric Bing
Photo of Eric Bing

May 2014 grad; pre-med, biomedical science (exercise science emphasis)

“Right now I am studying for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and preparing myself for medical school. The biomedical science program has already helped me prepare by covering a large base of information and providing a lot of good classes. What makes Union’s program stand out is that it’s moldable to individual students and allows everyone to get the biggest benefit from their education.”