Quest for Calling

What is our mission?

Quest for Calling is guiding students to intentionally seek and identify God's calling in their life. We provide practical resources and individual mentoring to help students pursue that calling.

Why do we have a calling program?

College is all about getting the training for your life career. The average college student changes their major four times trying to find the right fit for their future. Our goal is to help you be more intentional in that process, to give you resources and specific details that help you know what God is calling you to do.

Why should students participate?

Discovering your calling and pursuing what you were created for ... that's our goal. The Quest for Calling program is here to connect you to what God intends you to become.

How do you begin your quest?

In the adventure of a lifetime, what role will you play? Your time in college is about a lot more than preparing for a career. You are on a quest to discover who you are and who you are meant to be. At Union, we call that calling.

Through the next four years, Union college will be your guide in an epic saga, facing the challenges that comprise a college experience. You'll find a clearer picture of your purpose in life--for your career and so much more. We can assist you on your way, but you are the hero of this story.

Begin by learning from those who came before--We understand the power of stories, and many people at Union--faculty, staff, and students--love to share their own tales. Learn from their victories and mistakes as you map out your own quest.

Discover your calling--Many tools are at your disposal as you set out on your journey. Spiritual and academic mentors, assessment tools, job shadowing, internships, volunteering, on-campus jobs, and study resources all help you better understand yourself, what you are passionate about, and how to realize your calling.

Share your story--As you near graduation, your own story can benefit younger students as they embark on their adventures.

When you delve into your calling quest and begin to discover who you are, what you are amazing at, and how that can come to life in your career, it can transform your existence.