Campus Connectors

Photo of four campus connectors, connecting.

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The mission of the Campus Connectors program is to encourage and assist the college’s support personnel by providing professional growth experiences and networking opportunities.

Through participation in the Campus Connectors program, the following benefits are anticipated:

  • Participants will become more valuable to their departments by increasing their knowledge of campus policies, procedures and programs.
  • Participants will become more aware of and skilled in the use of technology.
  • Participants will glean office/organizational tips from networking with each other.
  • Departments will be strengthened, more organized and more efficiently run.
  • The College will realize better employee retention by providing this support system.


You may contact the group of Campus Connectors by emailing: campusconnectors [at]

You may contact the Campus Connectors leadership team by emailing:
ccleader [at]




"Campus Connectors is a wonderfully encouraging group of peers and mentors that help teach each other how to be better stewards of our talents and a time to make us feel appreciated and supported!" —Tamara Seiler