• Textbooks for all Union College classes may be purchased at the Campus Store. Textbooks are available for purchase approximately one week prior to the beginning of the summer and fall semesters, and 2 - 4 days prior to the spring semester. Prior to registration, textbooks may only be purchased by cash or credit card.

    Our book return policy is as follows:

    • Your cash register receipt is required for full refunds.
    • Do not write in books unless you are certain you will be keeping them.
    • Do not remove shrink wrap. (Books are non-returnable if shrink wrap is removed.)
    Full refund will only be given for textbooks returned in "new" condition.
  • The last day to return textbooks for full refund is the same as the last day to delete, add or audit a class as indicated in the college calendar.
  • Buyback of textbooks is once a semester during exam week. Books to be bought by the bookstore are determined by the instructor.
  • The condition of the textbook will also determine if buyback is possible. Any textbooks missing pages, having pages loose from the binding, having excessive writing or underlining, or in a condition that makes it impossible to resell, will not be bought back. (This judgment is at the discretion of the Union College Campus Store.)
  • Textbooks for summer classes are non-returnable for full purchase price. Buyback of these textbooks will be determined by the instructor.
  • The Union College Campus Store pays 50 percent of new book price if the instructor has ordered the same book for future use.
  • The bookstore also purchases books for a used book company, per their instructions.