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Searching for a God to Love

by Chris Blake

"Control issues. Unloving, judgmental people. Boredom.

It had little to do with God, but it all got mixed up together. You have questions. You have doubts. You've been hurt. You ache for something more than rhetoric, preaching, and simplistic reasoning. Great. You qualify to take the journey this book defines. Searching for a God to Love will surprise you. It isn't what you expect. But maybe that's what God is all about."

As a teacher of communication at Union College in Lincoln, Neb., and former editor of Insight magazine, Chris Blake loves questions and those who ask them. He and his wife live in Lincoln.

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Swimming against the Current

by Chris Blake

"When Jesus says, as He does often, 'He who has ears, let him hear', He means hear what you should. God exhorts the lazy to 'work harder' and the workaholic to 'take it easy'. and the sluggard relaxes as the frenzied worker increases effort. The question is not, What do I agree with? The question is, What do I need to hear?"

Swimming against the Current contains stories, questions and observations. Some of the many short chapters will challenge you. Others, you will exult in. You'll find some new thoughts, and some of them will stick with you.

Read these diverse messages and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit urging you to spiritual growth and practical course corrections in your life.

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From Horses to Horsepower

by Everett Dick (1898-1989)

"History is often not appreciated as it happens. Only after many years have gone by, when it is impossible to get the cast together again, does it begin to be of interest." >From Horses to Horsepower

Dr. Everett Dick, Union College professor and historian, began his teaching career at Union College in 1930. He was an authority on the West and passed his love of learning to his students. From his first book, The Sod House Frontier, to his last book on the end of the frontier era, From Horses to Horsepower: Life in Kansas, 1900-1925, Everett Dick made the Westward Movement interesting and exciting to read and enabled the reader to vicariously live as a settler, a cowboy or a woman in the West.

In addition to beginning the Medical Cadet Corp and becoming the first commander based on his years in the Marine Corp, Dr. Dick was an author with over 30 books, articles and papers in the Union College Library. Along with his writings on Western history he wrote about Seventh-day Adventist denominational history and his favorite story, "Union, college of the golden cords."

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The Middle East and South Asia

by Malcolm B. Russell

Adapted, rewritten and revised annually from a book entitled The Middle East and South Asia 1967, published in 1967 and succeeding years by Stryker-Post publications.

"The consistent goal of this series of books is an appreciation of the peoples and governments largely from their own perspectives but moderated by the viewpoints of the author. In the many conflicts, I hope to show the claims and charges of each side to help the general reader understand the reasons for attitudes and actions of people and governments. Doing this risks accusations of partiality, but I firmly hope that readers will share my respect for these peoples and lands, and an understanding of, if not always sympathy for, their states and political actions." The Middle East and South Asia 2003

Malcolm B. Russell is the Vice President for Academic Administration at Union College, Lincoln, Neb.; until recently Professor of Economics and History, Andrews University. Columbia Union College (B.A., history); School of Advanced International Studies, the John Hopkins University (M.A.; Ph.D.), with emphasis in Middle East Studies and International Economics. A Fulbright Fellowship allowed him research opportunities in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, and resulted in The First Modern Arab State: Syria under Faysal, 1918-1920 (Minneapolis, MN: Biblioteca Islamica, 1985), as well as papers at a number of professional societies. Born in Beirut, after a childhood spent there and in Egypt, he attended high school in India and later traveled widely in the Middle East. He is fluent in Arabic and French.