Dealing with Spam

Dealing With Spam

  • We WILL NOT eliminate any email EXCEPT email on a blacklist.

  • We WILL mark all email as [SPAM] that fits our filters. These filters will be set to the highest sensitivity.

  • This email WILL BE DELIVERED to you with [SPAM] inserted at the beginning of the subject.
  • You should create a rule to send this [SPAM] marked email to your Junk Folder.
  • If you find needed emails in your Junk Folder that you feel is valid, you may create another rule to send it to your Inbox. If you create such a rule, that email will appear in your Inbox even though it is marked as [SPAM].

These procedures should reduce the amount of unwanted email that you find in your Inbox but will allow you to retrieve a message that was not actually spam.

Creating a [SPAM] rule in Outlook Express

  1. Click on Tools, then Message Rules, then Mail
  2. Check 'Where the Subject line contains specific words' and 'Move it to the specified folder'
  3. Click on 'contains specific words' and enter [SPAM]   (Note square brackets must be used)
  4. Click Add, then OK
  5. Click on 'specified', then highlight Inbox and then click on New Folder
  6. Enter Junk E-mail and click on OK four times

Creating a [SPAM] rule in Outlook

  1. Click on Tools, then Rules and Alerts
  2. Click on New Rule
  3. In step 1, highlight 'Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder'
  4. In step 2, click on 'specific words' and then enter [SPAM]   (Note square brackets must be used)
  5. Click Add then OK
  6. In step 2, click on 'specified' and highlight Junk E-mail folder
  7. Click OK then Finish, then Apply, then OK

To test your rule, send yourself an email with the subject of [SPAM]. Click on Send and Receive. It should appear in your Junk E-mail folder.

If you read your email from home using WebMail you WILL see all [SPAM] marked messages. If you forward your email to another provider you will have to create the appropriate filters.