Conference Call Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully before making your conference call.  If you have any questions, call Information Systems at x2511.

  1. Your phone must have a Conf (conference) button.
  2. Parties may remove themselves from a conference call simply by hanging up
  3. To retain call quality, it is suggested that you not conference more than 8 parties.
  4. Call the first party and ask them to hold while you connect the others.
  5. Press Transfer to put the first party on hold and get a dial tone so you can dial the next party.
  6. When you have the second party on the phone, press Conf and all three of you will be connected.
  7. Press Transfer again to put the first and second parties on hold together and get a dial tone to call the next party. Then press Conf again to connect everyone.
  8. To reconnect to the conference call if a called party is busy or does not answer, press connect.

Quick Reference

Transfer gives you a dial tone.
Conf connects the parties together.

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