Computer Use

  1. The Library's computers are provided for Union College students and faculty/staff use in support of the College's curriculum.
  2. Computers are provided in two locations. Those in the Reference/Periodicals area are to be used for searching library databases only. Those in the computer room may be used for any research-related purpose within the guidelines of this policy as well as checking email.
  3. Children must never be in the mini-micro computer room without a parent present. Children are not permitted to play on the computers.
  4. Genealogy computers were purchased by LLCGS and are provided for genealogists' exclusive use.
  5. Time limits may be imposed if it is determined that the computers are not accessible to those who need them.
  6. Academic use has priority over email and non-academic "surfing."
  7. Pornography will not be tolerated. Pop up pornography must be immediately suppressed or reported to Library staff.
  8. At the present time printing is freely permitted. The Library reserves the right to institute charges to cover the cost of printing if deemed necessary.
  9. Care must be exercised in the use of the computers to ensure their continued functionality. Vandalism or willful destruction of computer equipment will be prosecuted.
  10. The downloading and installation of personal programs will not be permitted on the library computers. Viruses and other destructive programs that harm equipment and/or data or other information are not permitted.
  11. Changing home pages and personal preferences is forbidden.
  12. Saving personal files on the computer's hard drive is permitted for a short time but not encouraged. Files will be erased each night when the computers are ghosted. Leaving personal files on a public computer jeopardizes personal privacy.
  13. The computer room closes 10 minutes before the Library closes.

Approved 8/21/2003