Academic Support Office

Photo of student writing on white board, practicing Greek. TLC coach is watching.

Union College is committed to helping students achieve their academic and life goals. One way to support this commitment is by providing academic support services to all Union College students. There are several ways a student can find assistance, talking to their professor, going to their division for tutoring, attending study and tutoring labs, studying with their classmates and by coming to the TLC. 

At the TLC we provide support through Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC), tutoring, and academic workshops (MOB). Additionally, the TLC coordinates the Integrated College Experience (ICE) and Freshman Enrichment (FE).


Freshman Enrichment (FE) is a program for first-year freshmen who are accepted into the college with low GPA and/or ACT score(s). Participation in the program is mandatory. These students are required to meet with an academic coach and fulfill contractual requirements while in this program.

Integrated College Experience (ICE) is a one-year program for students who are accepted into the college with high school GPA and/or ACT scores(s) that fall below enrollment criteria. These students receive services that assist in transitioning into college life.

Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) is a program for any student struggling with class work, organization, time management, personal issues, etc. Participation is voluntary and available per availability of TLC staff.

The TLC programs are designed to give students individualized student support so they may get the most out of their Union College experience.

Eight Common Goals in Academic Coaching:

  1. Read actively-Read to learn
  2. Develop, Set and Obtain Goals using the SMART and GROW method
  3. Predict success or failure based on personal behavior
  4. Understand and use appropriate “STUDY” skills compatible with learning style
  5. Understand internal and external locus of control
  6. Acquire, understanding, knowledge and practice communication style.
  7. Identify and use resources
  8. Think critically in order to modify study habits and schedule without prompting

Academic/Life Coaching

Academic/life coaching, provided by the Teaching Learning Center, assists and supports students in addressing academic concerns through weekly coaching sessions with a focus on academic and personal goals. Some examples are time management, organizational assistance, test taking, and study strategies.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a designed alliance between a coach and a student. It is an individualized process which helps students identify their scholastic goals, and its purpose is to support students toward achieving these goals by providing structure, support, feedback, and encouragement.

Coaching is very different from therapy. Therapy deals with healing psychological issues and is generally very long term and intensive, dealing with personal history as well as cognitive and behavioral development. Coaching is very proactive and does not deal with psychological issues. Coaching acknowledges personal history but focuses on skill development and implementation of new strategies that benefit the student in achieving their goals and becoming more fulfilled and better equipped to meet the daily challenges of college life.

In academic coaching, the coach and student design an alliance together that is synergistic in nature. They co-engineer the process as a team so as to avoid a situation of “nagging.” The roles of each are clearly defined in the beginning. Together they decide what to do and how to do it. A system of accountability is set up that is comfortable for both.