Academic Alert Program

To assist students in improving scholastic performance, students on academic probation will participate in the Academic Alert (AA) Program through the Teaching Learning Center.

 According to the Union College Bulletin, students are placed on academic probation whose 

  • most recent semester GPA fell below 1.67

Students on AA are required to

  • sign AA Program Letter of Commitment and complete its requirements;
  • limit their class load to a maximum of 15 hours; anything above 15 hours must be approved by the TLC director and the vice president for academic administration;
  • pay an additional fee for AA;
  • renegotiate financial agreements in case of loss of financial aid.

During Union College registration each student on ASAP must visit the TLC to meet with his or her academic coach, set his or her first appointment, and sign an ASAP agreement.  Upon completion of these steps, the TLC director will "clear" the student in the system, allowing them to move on in the registration process. 

Any student in AA who has below a 2.00 GPA at midterm will be required to meet with the TLC director and academic coaches to discuss his or her grades.  As a result of this meeting, plans will be made to further support the student in his or her academic program.

In order for a student to complete AA successfully, he or she must finish the semester with a GPA of above 1.67 and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.  Each student's progress and GPA is reviewed by the Readmissions Committee at the end of the semester.  The Vice President for academic administration communicates with each student regarding his or her next semester status.

A student on academic probation may be given up to two consecutive semesters to clear his or her probationary status, at which time he or she will either be cleared from probation or be placed on academic suspension.