Integrated College Experience

Integrated College Experience (ICE) is a two-semester program designed to help new Freshmen transition into college with the support of an academic coach. The key element of this program is the student. With the student's dedication and by providing a holistic approach, the academic coach will help the student focus and maximize his/her efforts in pursuing academic success. Applicants will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

For this first year, the advisor for students in the ICE program is the director of the TLC. Students are registered as seeking a General Education Associates Degree. In order to provide a smooth transition to college, classes will be carefully chosen for each student. By doing so, students will have a year to focus on learning skills, assimilate to college living, take advantage of academic coaching and tutoring support, and interact with other ICE students in a learning community setting.

Students are accepted to participate in ICE based on the following:

  • GPA is < 2.50 on a 4-point scale, and/or
  • ACT composite score is < 18, or combined SAT score is < 1290

Steps for students registering through FD

  • Complete the ICE Participation Agreement.  
  • Register for up to 15 credit hours with help from their Academic Advisor; anything above 15 hours must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Administration.  
  • Complete TLCM 100, Bridge: Building Connections.  
    • This one-hour credit course is designed to help ICE students transition into their college experience, meet other first-year students, and learn college academic skills.
    • We will be using two textbooks:
      • Your Complete Guide to College Sucess: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life by Daniel J. Foss, Ph.D.

        This book is a great resource as you transition into college. Feel free to purchase it now and get a head start! Contact the Campus Store.

      • Your College Experience, Strategies for Success Eleventh Edition by John Gardner and Betsy Barefoot
  • Set a weekly appointment with an academic coach.  

In order for a student to complete ICE successfully, he or she must finish the school year with a GPA of above 2.00. Each student's progress and GPA is reviewed by the Readmissions Committee at the end of each semester. The Vice President for Academic Administration communicates with each student regarding his or her next semester status.