Integrated College Experience

Applicants with a high school GPA and/or ACT score lower than enrollment criteria may be eligible for this program. Applicants will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. 

The ICE program was designed to provide a supportive and structured program in order to guide students through their first year in college. Students are chosen for the ICE program based on their ACT scores, their high school GPA, and their need for transition courses. Students accepted in to the ICE program will be assigned an academic coach. The Academic coach, for the student's first year, will also serve as the ICE student’s academic advisor.

In order to provide a smooth transition to college, classes will be carefully chosen for each student. By doing so, students will have a year to focus on learning skills, assimilate to college living, take advantage of academic coaching and tutoring support, and interact with other ICE students in a learning community setting.

Students in the ICE program are required to:

  • Sign ICE Program Letter of Commitment and complete its requirements.
  • Limit their class load to a maximum of 15 hours.
  • Complete TLCM 100 (Bridge: Building Connections) in the fall, and TLCM 101 (Bridge: Learning and Communities) in the spring.
    • This one hour credit course is designed to help ICE students transition into their college experience, meet other first-year students, and learn college academic skills.
    • We will be using the textbook Your Complete Guide to College Sucess: How to Study Smart, Achieve Your Goals, and Enjoy Campus Life by Daniel J. Foss, Ph.D. (This book is a great resource as you transition into college.  Feel free to purchase it now and get a head start! Contact the Campus Store.)
  • Meet with an academic coach each week.
  • Have a specialized advisor.
ICE is linked to other disciplines and focuses on the individual needs of the students.
Classes will include topics that range from time management and study skills to professional development and critical thinking.