Dedicated to provide an accessible environment for students with disabilities and to serve students requiring and requesting additional support, the Teaching Learning Center fosters academic development, encourages personal growth, and strives for an inclusive community.


The Teaching Learning Center will be known as a compassionate, Christ-centered environment where students receive support, are empowered to self-advocate, and become life-long learners.


The TLC  is committed to providing quality services. The TLC will work with students who participate and complete academic coaching to:

  • Develop academically, socially and spiritually                                                        
  • Be able to set SMART goals                                                        
  • Use appropriate study skills compatible to learning styles
  • Understand motivation (Internal vs. External)                                                    
  • Know personal communication style in order to communicate confidently with professors, advisor, future employer, etc.                                                               
  • Critically think how to turn problems into solutions                                                   
  • Balance a schedule                                                         
  • Self-advocate
  • Identify and utilize services                                                        
  • Understand disabilities and student learning
  • Read to learn