The Students with Disabilities (SWD) program provides assistance to those who have verified disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are also provided. These services are designated to ensure that students with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all college programs and activities.

The TLC also assists students in meeting individual needs and interests along with providing disability awareness to the campus and community. Students requesting accommodation must submit a separate application and current verification that is no more than three years old. Applications and disability documentation guidelines are available at the TLC.

Freshman Development (FD) is a program for first-year freshmen who are accepted into the college with low GPA and/or ACT score(s). Participation in the program is mandatory.  These students are required to meet with an academic coach and fulfill contractual requirements while in this program.

Integrated College Experience (ICE) is a one-year program for students who are accepted into the college with high school GPA and/or ACT scores(s) that fall below enrollment criteria. These students receive services that assist in transitioning into college life.

Personal Academic College Coaching (PACC) is a program for any student struggling with class work, organization, time management, personal issues, etc. Participation is voluntary and available per availability of TLC staff.

All programs provide for weekly meetings with an academic coach for assistance with study skills, time management and organization. An additional fee is charged for academic coaching services. Rate information is available upon request.