Volunteer Job Description

Job Title: Paraprofessional

Volunteer Job Description:
Proctor - Monitoring one or more students while they take exams. The proctor records the time the test begins and ends, then gives the exam and proctor slip to one of the Teaching Learning Center staff  to be returned to the instructor.

Read and/or scribe - If a volunteer agrees ahead of time, he or she may be asked to read a test to a student or write the answers as the student dictates to the volunteer.

Qualifications: Friendly, patient, reliable, knowledgeable in one or more academic subjects. Desire to help others and willing to spend time and effort in encouraging and supporting well-deserving students.

Various workshop and seminar opportunities provided by the Teaching Learning Center.

Time requirements:

Length of Commitment:
Minimum of one semester.


  • Increase personal satisfaction and self-esteem
  • Utilize knowledge and talents
  • Develop professional contacts
  • Make new friends
  • Contribute to success of students