For the Community

Union Market Dining RoomWhile Union Market focuses on serving campus customers, we always welcome community guests. Union students enjoy the opportunity to dine with you and want you to feel comfortable in our facility.

Union College follows a traditional school schedule, which includes various breaks, holidays and vacations. Sometimes activities on campus dictate a change in our meal schedule. Please feel free to call 488.2516 to verify the meal schedule for the day you want to come, or check the online meal schedule for updates.

Don't forget to check out Wheatberries bakery. Fresh bakery goods are available daily, including whole wheat and multi-grain breads, croissants, pasteries, cookies and more.

Vegetarian Menu
The Union Market menu is based on a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (includes eggs and dairy products); however, vegan options are always available. Since considerable research confirms that a vegetarian diet plays a significant role in preserving physical health, we prepare menus using "meats" made from vegetable protein. Compelling factors for following a plant-based diet include longer life expectancy, reduction of chronic diseases, concern for the environment and efficient use of natural resources.

  • Look for coupons in your phone book for your first visit to Union Market.
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Most food options are sold by weight. Look for a guide at the entrance to Union Market that will help you get the most food for your money.