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Location: The Union Market is located inside the Ortner Center in the center of campus.
Phone: 402.486.2516
Fax: 402.486.2587
Director of Dining Services: Peter Blankenship

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Dining Services (402.486.2516)

Namesort descending Title Location Extension Email
Anita Escobar Picture of Annie Escobar Dining Services Office Manager Ortner Center 062 2516
Bernie Rieke Photo of Bernie Rieke Dining Services Head Baker Ortner Center 2997
Cherie Needles Photo of Cherie Needles Head Cook Ortner Center 2516
Jennifer McFadyen Photo of Jennifer McFadyen Assistant Director of Dining Services Ortner Center 2184
Lilliana Ramos Picture of Liliana Ramos Union Market Cook Ortner Center 2516
Peter Blankenship Picture of Pete Blankenship Director of Dining Services Ortner Center 063 2181
Silvia Martinez Photo of Silvia Martinez Leaf & Ladle Cook Ortner Center 2516
Virginia Moreno Picture of Ginny Moreno T'torias Cook Ortner Center 2516