Food FAQ

Let's Make it Healthier

Many student customers are concerned with healthier aspects of dining life. Union Market is happy to do our part in providing food with less fats and oils. Items traditionally deep fat fried are now baked, if possible. Union Market always uses less oil in recipes than called for and adjusts some recipes to eliminate oil. When oil must be added, we prefer canola oils or those with no trans fatty acids. It is reasonable to steer away from French fries, onion rings and other deep fried foods if you wish to maintain a low-fat diet.

Navigational Techniques

We are excited that the days of standing in line for a meal are finally over. As you enter the Union Market, trays and serviceware are located to your right. From there, it's up to you.
If people are gathered in one area, start with another where it's not so busy and move according to the flow of the crowd. Some stations will naturally have lines, such as the Southside Deli, Pizza to Order, or any display cooking areas. If you have time, the short wait in those areas should be worthwhile.
If you order a sandwich in the Southside Deli, place your order before visiting other areas, such as the drink station, salad and dessert areas. Upon your return, our goal is to have your sandwich waiting for you.

Dining Etiquette

We are proud of our new facility and wish to keep it looking new and fresh for many years to come. You can help us by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Leave your book bags at the entry in the areas provided before you enter the servery. If you wish to study during your meal or hold a study group, please feel free to retrieve your book bags after purchasing your meal.
  • Serving yourself is nice, but can sometimes create problems in keeping the food and surrounding area clean and appetizing for the customers who follow you. Your help is appreciated.
  • Refrain from sitting on tables or moving them to new locations. For safety reasons, the main aisles need to stay clear at all times.
  • Serviceware such as dishes, trays, silverware, etc., are not to be removed from the dining room. Take-out supplies are available.
  • Accidental spills should be brought to the attention of a dining service worker so that we may help you clean it up. Messes made due to child's play are your responsibility to clean up. A dining service worker will be happy to provide you with a broom, mop or cleaning products.
  • You are welcome to stay as long as you wish in the dining room. Closing time will be 10:00 p.m The dining room will also be open Sabbath afternoons during the winter months.

Most Requested Information

This DB plan also provides a “Rebate Advantage” of up to $100 per semester for students who do not use all of their $900 declining balance account. A student may elect to budget more than the $900 DB on their financial plan.  The 40% discount will be applied to all additional purchases.

Yes, we do serve a limited menu during school breaks.  We close the week between Christmas and New Years. Summer hours are also shortened, but we serve seven days a week.

How to win the battle of the Freshman 15

Many joke about the "Freshman 15": the 15 pounds a freshman can pack on rather quickly when faced with the many choices, changes and stressors of college life. However, gaining unwanted weight is no laughing matter.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions

Comments and suggestions can be made here. We appreciate knowing what we do right and what things you like, but realize we cannot please everyone. It's hard to replace Mom's wonderful home cooking. If you have a suggestion, we are happy to work with you. And as always, we appreciate suggestions made in a professional and gracious manner.