Union College Drama

Shakespeare was right when he penned the words, “all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Every one of us has a story tell drawn from dramatic experiences of our lives. People love to hear a good story. Stories have the potential to be life changing. A good story teller can capture the hearts and imaginations of an audience and take them places they might have never dreamed of.

Jesus knew this when He used parables to illustrate eternal truths to the crowds, He told stories they could relate to and and retell over and over again. This is the power of theater—telling stories with themes and characters people can relate to working to bring joy to their hearts, challenge their hearts and inspire the spirits. That is purpose driven drama. That is ministry. 

Photo of JesseMeet the director

Brett Hadley is the director of the theater program at Union and he brings a wealth of experience to school productions.

Photo of StuartDegrees and classes

Union offers a variety of drama classes and even a minor in drama. Find out more about our academic offerings. (Check back soon)

Photo of Dale AngPast shows

Union has a long history of theater—performing a wide variety of popular and original productions. 

Photo of Ramsey MennardOur facilities

Woods Auditorium in the Don Love Building at Union College serves as the main stage for our theater productions. (Check back soon.)

Photo of Ramsey MennardAdventist Christian Theater

Brett Hadley has been directing Adventist Christian Theater for 21 years, and the group is now Union College's touring drama ministry. (Check back soon.)

Photo of Ramsey MennardFind Woods Auditorium

Here's how to find our theater.