Photo of a student in front of a projection.

experience the source of wisdom

We were created in God’s image with minds capable of lifelong learning, endless discovery and unlimited depths of understanding. In the original classroom—the Garden of Eden—the Creator Himself showed that education should bring us closer to His perfect image.

In classrooms today, Eden is still with us. It’s the place where teachers do more than teach technical knowledge like 1+1 and the ABCs. Teachers are needed, in both public and private schools, to be caring, passionate educators. They mentor, inspire and lead their students, by example, to the source of wisdom for a lifetime of learning. At Union, we know Christ is that source.

Teaching is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to change lives.

Union College education students choose to either a degree in elementary education (grades K-8) or to specialize in a number of secondary education fields (grades 9-12):

Art K-12
Language Arts
Music (K-12, 7-12, or K-8)
Natural Science
Physical Education
Social Science
What our alumni are saying ...
Courtney Mclachlan
Photo of Courtney Mclachlan

2012 graduate—now teaches seventh and eighth grade at Vista Ridge Academy in Erie, Colo.

“The Education Program at Union helped me navigate my way through four years of college. There was always a helping hand, a listening ear and an encouraging conversation to help me through any tough or stressful situation. I am so blessed for the education I received at Union College and for all the faculty who helped pave my way to a successful career as an educator.”

Mindy Coleman
Photo of Mindy Coleman

2009 graduate—now a teacher in South Korea.

“In my education courses, we practiced the methods we were learning before actually being in charge of a classroom. In many ways, we learned to walk and eventually run as a teacher. They equipped me to set up a good learning environment and quality classes, to teach effectively, to assess how my students are doing and to adapt my teaching style to fit the needs of my students. Being flexible and understanding each child is a precious student God placed in my life gives teaching a whole new meaning.”

Steven Hutchinson
Photo of Steven Hutchinson

2011 graduate—now director of music at Midland Adventist Academy in Shawnee, Kan.

“I chose Union College because a passionate teacher recruited me, and I liked the down-to-earth atmosphere. My practicum experiences through the Education Program gave me hands-on experience in a classroom and eased me into the role of a teacher. I feel I have come out of the program well equipped to take on any classroom management issue I might face.”