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The Elements of Success initiative helped wrap-up Union College’s Our Promising Future capital campaign in support of the new science and mathematics complex currently under construction. The Periodic Table, a special feature of the new building, will be installed just outside the doors to the amphitheater which is located on the main floor.

Hover over elements in this interactive representation of the Elements of Success Periodic Table to see details for the element sponsor.

Elements of Success

1HHydrogenClaimed$25,0001HHydrogen       2HeHeliumClaimed$25,0002HeHelium
3LiLithiumClaimed$2,0003LiLithium 4BeBerylliumClaimed$2,0004BeBeryllium 5BBoronClaimed$5,0005BBoron 6CCarbonClaimed$25,0006CCarbon 7NNitrogenClaimed$5,0007NNitrogen 8OOxygenClaimed$25,0008OOxygen 9FFluorineClaimed$5,0009FFluorine 10NeNeonClaimed$10,00010NeNeon
11NaSodiumClaimed$10,00011NaSodium 12MgMagnesiumClaimed$5,00012MgMagnesium 13AlAluminiumClaimed$10,00013AlAluminium 14SiSiliconClaimed$5,00014SiSilicon 15PPhosphorusClaimed$5,00015PPhosphorus 16SSulfurClaimed$5,00016SSulfur 17ClChlorineClaimed$25,00017ClChlorine 18ArArgonClaimed$25,00018ArArgon
19KPotassiumClaimed$10,00019KPotassium 20CaCalciumClaimed$10,00020CaCalcium 21ScScandiumClaimed$5,00021ScScandium 22TiTitaniumClaimed$5,00022TiTitanium 23VVanadiumClaimed$2,00023VVanadium 24CrChromiumClaimed$2,00024CrChromium 25MnManganeseClaimed$5,00025MnManganese 26FeIronClaimed$10,00026FeIron 27CoCobaltClaimed$5,00027CoCobalt 28NiNickelClaimed$5,00028NiNickel 29CuCopperClaimed$10,00029CuCopper 30ZnZincClaimed$10,00030ZnZinc 31GaGalliumClaimed$5,00031GaGallium 32GeGermaniumClaimed$2,00032GeGermanium 33AsArsenicClaimed$2,00033AsArsenic 34SeSeleniumClaimed$2,00034SeSelenium 35BrBromineClaimed$5,00035BrBromine 36KrKryptonClaimed$10,00036KrKrypton
37RbRubidiumClaimed$5,00037RbRubidium 38SrStrontiumClaimed$2,00038SrStrontium 39YYitriumClaimed$2,00039YYitrium 40ZrZirconiumClaimed$2,00040ZrZirconium 41NbNiobiumClaimed$2,00041NbNiobium 42MoMolybdenumClaimed$2,00042MoMolybdenum 43TcTechnetiumClaimed$2,00043TcTechnetium 44RuRutheniumClaimed$5,00044RuRuthenium 45RhRhodiumClaimed$10,00045RhRhodium 46PdPalladiumClaimed$25,00046PdPalladium 47AgSilverClaimed$10,00047AgSilver 48CdCadmiumClaimed$2,00048CdCadmium 49InIndiumClaimed$2,00049InIndium 50SnTinClaimed$2,00050SnTin 51SbAntimonyClaimed$2,00051SbAntimony 52TeTelluriumClaimed$2,00052TeTellurium 53IIodineClaimed$5,00053IIodine 54XeXenonClaimed$5,00054XeXenon
55CsCesiumClaimed$5,00055CsCesium 56BaBariumClaimed$2,00056BaBarium 72HfHafniumClaimed$2,00072HfHafnium 73TaTantalumClaimed$2,00073TaTantalum 74WTungstenClaimed$2,00074WTungsten 75ReRheniumClaimed$5,00075ReRhenium 76OsOsmiumClaimed$10,00076OsOsmium 77IrIridiumClaimed$10,00077IrIridium 78PtPlatinumClaimed$25,00078PtPlatinum 79AuGoldClaimed$25,00079AuGold 80HgMercuryClaimed$5,00080HgMercury 81TiThalliumClaimed$2,00081TiThallium 82PbLeadClaimed$25,00082PbLead 83BiBismuthClaimed$2,00083BiBismuth 84PoPoloniumClaimed$2,00084PoPolonium 85AtAstatineClaimed$2,00085AtAstatine 86RnRadonClaimed$10,00086RnRadon
87FrFranciumClaimed$5,00087FrFrancium 88RaRadiumClaimed$2,00088RaRadium 104RfRutherfordiumClaimed$2,000104RfRutherfordium 105DbDubniumClaimed$2,000105DbDubnium 106SgSeaborgiumClaimed$2,000106SgSeaborgium 107BhBohriumClaimed$2,000107BhBohrium 108HsHassiumClaimed$2,000108HsHassium 109MtMeitneriumClaimed$2,000109MtMeitnerium 110DsDarmstadtiumClaimed$5,000110DsDarmstadtium 111RgRoentgeniumClaimed$2,000111RgRoentgenium 112CnCoperniciumClaimed$2,000112CnCopernicium 113UutUnuntriumClaimed$2,000113UutUnuntrium 114FlFleroviumClaimed$2,000114FlFlerovium 115UupUnunpentiumClaimed$2,000115UupUnunpentium 116LvLivermoriumClaimed$2,000116LvLivermorium 117UusUnunseptiumClaimed$2,000117UusUnunseptium 118UuoUnunoctiumClaimed$2,000118UuoUnunoctium
* Lanthanoids 57LaLanthanumClaimed$2,00057LaLanthanum 58CeCeriumClaimed$2,00058CeCerium 59PrPraseodymiumClaimed$2,00059PrPraseodymium 60NdNeodymiumClaimed$2,00060NdNeodymium 61PmPromethiumClaimed$2,00061PmPromethium 62SmSamariumClaimed$2,00062SmSamarium 63EuEuropiumClaimed$2,00063EuEuropium 64GdGadoliniumClaimed$2,00064GdGadolinium 65TbTerbiumClaimed$10,00065TbTerbium 66DyDysoprosiumClaimed$2,00066DyDysoprosium 67HoHolmiumClaimed$2,00067HoHolmium 68ErErbiumClaimed$2,00068ErErbium 69TmThuliumClaimed$2,00069TmThulium 70YbYtterbiumClaimed$5,00070YbYtterbium 71LuLutetiumClaimed$10,00071LuLutetium
+ Actinoids 89AcActiniumClaimed$2,00089AcActinium 90ThThoriumClaimed$2,00090ThThorium 91PaProtactiniumClaimed$2,00091PaProtactinium 92UUraniumClaimed$10,00092UUranium 93NpNeptuniumClaimed$2,00093NpNeptunium 94PuPlutoniumClaimed$10,00094PuPlutonium 95AmAmericiumClaimed$5,00095AmAmericium 96CmCuriumClaimed$2,00096CmCurium 97BkBerkeliumClaimed$2,00097BkBerkelium 98CfCaliforniumClaimed$5,00098CfCalifornium 99EsEinsteiniumClaimed$5,00099EsEinsteinium 100FmFermiumClaimed$2,000100FmFermium 101MdMendeleviumClaimed$2,000101MdMendelevium 102NoNobeliumClaimed$5,000102NoNobelium 103LrLawrenciumClaimed$2,000103LrLawrencium


Alkaline Earth Metal
Alkali Metal
Transition Metal
Post-transition Metal
Noble Gas

Element Listing

You can also view a listing of sponsored and available elements in the table below. Click on any available element to make your gift and also designate your desired commemoration.

Atomic Number Symbol Element Name Gift Amount
1 H Hydrogen $25,000 Shawnee Mission Medical Center
2 He Helium $25,000 Union Bank & Trust
3 Li Lithium $2,000 Larry and Leilani Pitcher
4 Be Beryllium $2,000 Harvey and Shelanne Lighthouse
5 B Boron $5,000 Ken and DeAnna Bacon
6 C Carbon $25,000 Cary and Pam DeCamp
7 N Nitrogen $5,000 John Engen
8 O Oxygen $25,000 Assurity Life Insurance Company
9 F Fluorine $5,000 Anonymous
10 Ne Neon $10,000 In Memory of Daina Griffin
11 Na Sodium $10,000 Wendell Wall
12 Mg Magnesium $5,000 Rob and Lorraine Ferguson
13 Al Aluminium $10,000 Dean and Trudy Johnson
14 Si Silicon $5,000 John and Pat Ruffing
15 P Phosphorus $5,000 Roy and Susan Haines
16 S Sulfur $5,000 Sam and Swee Chin Shum
17 Cl Chlorine $25,000 Alvin and Janice Hensel
18 Ar Argon $10,000 Ralph and Anne Wisemen
19 K Potassium $10,000 Morre and Katrina Dean
20 Ca Calcium $10,000 John Wagner
21 Sc Scandium $5,000 Sam and Swee Chin Shum
22 Ti Titanium $5,000 Derald and Shirley Goetz
23 V Vanadium $2,000 Gary and Brenda Johnson
24 Cr Chromium $2,000 Raymond and Revely Pelto
25 Mn Manganese $5,000 Gary and Connie Nowlan
26 Fe Iron $10,000 UC Business Advisory Board
27 Co Cobalt $5,000 Apex Material Technologies, LLC
28 Ni Nickel $5,000 Novamet Specialty Products
29 Cu Copper $10,000 Anonymous
30 Zn Zinc $10,000 Dean and Trudy Johnson
31 Ga Gallium $5,000 Dean and Aleta Hubbard
32 Ge Germanium $2,000 Lualla Wolfe in memory of Wilbert Wolfe
33 As Arsenic $2,000 Brant Westbrook in honor of Lynn and Sally Westbrook
34 Se Selenium $2,000 George and Virginia Myers
35 Br Bromine $5,000 In memory of Kristine Seltman
36 Kr Krypton $10,000 Rick and Alicia Murray
37 Rb Rubidium $5,000 Anonymous
38 Sr Strontium $2,000 Larry and Barb Christensen
39 Y Yitrium $2,000 Larry and Barb Christensen
40 Zr Zirconium $2,000 Larry and Barb Christensen
41 Nb Niobium $2,000 Larry and Barb Christensen
42 Mo Molybdenum $2,000 John Linser and Rhonda Herbel Linser
43 Tc Technetium $2,000 Teresa McArthur Ransone
44 Ru Ruthenium $5,000 Jo Anna Codington
45 Rh Rhodium $10,000

Davis Design

46 Pd Palladium $25,000 Anonymous
47 Ag Silver $10,000 Class of 1989
48 Cd Cadmium $2,000 James McArthur
49 In Indium $2,000 Hampton Construction
50 Sn Tin $2,000 Lualla Wolfe
51 Sb Antimony $2,000 Steve and Glenda Bascom
52 Te Tellurium $2,000 Rod Colburn
53 I Iodine $5,000 Margaret Hyde
54 Xe Xenon $5,000 Anonymous
55 Cs Cesium $5,000 Marlyn and Sharon Schwartz
56 Ba Barium $2,000 Ashley and Ben Barber
57 La Lanthanum $2,000 Palm Commodities International, Inc.
58 Ce Cerium $2,000 Palm Commodities International, Inc.
59 Pr Praseodymium $2,000 Barry and Lisa Forbes
60 Nd Neodymium $2,000 Neil and Yvette Gerrans
61 Pm Promethium $2,000 Dale and Pamela Timothy
62 Sm Samarium $2,000 Anonymous
63 Eu Europium $2,000 Lilya Wagner
64 Gd Gadolinium $2,000 Brianna Payne
65 Tb Terbium $10,000 Anonymous
66 Dy Dysoprosium $2,000 Victor Swayze and Myrna Hanna
67 Ho Holmium $2,000 Bruce and Karen Bray
68 Er Erbium $2,000 Gary Hochstetler in honor of Ivan and Evelyn Hochstetler
69 Tm Thulium $2,000 Travis and Mindy Morrell
70 Yb Ytterbium $5,000 Anonymous
71 Lu Lutetium $10,000 Anonymous
72 Hf Hafnium $2,000 David and Cynthia Ahrens
73 Ta Tantalum $2,000 Ann and Solomon Halim
74 W Tungsten $2,000 Richard and Amy Webb
75 Re Rhenium $5,000 Dennis and Patsy Reinke
76 Os Osmium $10,000 Jon and Barbara Russell
77 Ir Iridium $10,000 Kent and Kelli Johnson
78 Pt Platinum $25,000 Rich and Lynnet Reiner
79 Au Gold $25,000 Timothy Mitsuhiro
80 Hg Mercury $5,000 Frederick Saunders
81 Ti Thallium $2,000 Robert and Joy Boggess
82 Pb Lead $25,000 In Memory of Charles Freidline by his students
83 Bi Bismuth $2,000 Susan Mullins Segebartt
84 Po Polonium $2,000 David and Pam Wilkinson
85 At Astatine $2,000 Jim and Roxy Hoehn
86 Rn Radon $10,000 Malcolm and Sharon Russell, Roger and Linda Tatum
87 Fr Francium $5,000 Lloyd and Karen Claycomb
88 Ra Radium $2,000 Anonymous
89 Ac Actinium $2,000 Wendell Wall
90 Th Thorium $2,000 Jim Spaulding and Family
91 Pa Protactinium $2,000 Jason and Michelle Moses
92 U Uranium $10,000 Rick and Valeree Krueger
93 Np Neptunium $2,000 College View Church
94 Pu Plutonium $10,000 Ron & Vicki Biloff
95 Am Americium $5,000 Elaine and Lowell Hagele
96 Cm Curium $2,000 LLU School of Medicine Class of 2010
97 Bk Berkelium $2,000 Melvin Baker Family
98 Cf Californium $5,000 Philip and Joyce Reiswig
99 Es Einsteinium $5,000 Christopher Burton in honor of Ray and Sharon Burton
100 Fm Fermium $2,000 Tony and Carol Thomsen in memory of Neta Seibold
101 Md Mendelevium $2,000 Neil Rowland Family
102 No Nobelium $5,000 Jim and Ann Maxwell
103 Lr Lawrencium $2,000 Henri and Cherie Evard
104 Rf Rutherfordium $2,000 Jim Fly and Connie Saxton
105 Db Dubnium $2,000 David and Tanya Dick
106 Sg Seaborgium $2,000 Richard Melvin and Jeanne M Lorenzen
107 Bh Bohrium $2,000 Loren and Rita King
108 Hs Hassium $2,000

Darrell and Karen Johnson

109 Mt Meitnerium $2,000 Kent and Sara Thompson in memory of Julia
110 Ds Darmstadtium $5,000 Kelly and Becky Krueger
111 Rg Roentgenium $2,000 James and Helena Tsai
112 Cn Copernicium $2,000 In memory of Thorma Wagner
113 Uut Ununtrium $2,000 In memory of Myrl Manley
114 Fl Flerovium $2,000 In memory of John Kerbs
115 Uup Ununpentium $2,000 Lisa Johnson, in honor of Barbara Goyne
116 Lv Livermorium $2,000 Denise McSherry
117 Uus Ununseptium $2,000 Melissa Wall Moutray
118 Uuo Ununoctium $2,000 Wendell Wall

* The element will bear the commemorative name until such time the facility, program or area no longer exists due to demolition, renovation, or a change in original function.