Employee Wellness


Union College Wellness promotes balance, provides risk assessment and rewards, and empowers employees for pursuing optimum health in a caring, Christian environment.


  • Promote both wellness and safety campus-wide.
  • Increase the level of employee participation in personal lifestyle patterns that contribute to an ongoing, balanced, and improved individual and family quality of life.
  • Reduce the incidence of preventable stress related illnesses and accidents among Union College employees and their dependents.
  • Lower and maintain college employee/beneficiary health care costs.
  • Provide quality Wellness resources for the current employees.


  • Encourage annual assessments for the general state of health, cardiovascular and cancer risks, stress patterns and risks, state of fitness and wellness behavior patterns of all the employees and adult dependents eligible for health benefits.
  • Motivate employee investment in health through voluntary individual enrollment in Union's Wellness program of at least 60 percent of the eligible work force and dependents.
  • Incentivize each employee's participation in Union's wellness activities.
  • Begin an active program of wellness and fitness counseling
  • Sensitize employees to the necessity of becoming a discriminating medical consumer and stimulate the proactive role each individual can play.
  • Analyze health assessment data to determine strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Continue with an on-campus Wellness Committee that meets regularly to promote wellness.
  • Conduct annual blood draws for employees at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Evaluate and continue Union's wellness marketing strategies.
  • Encourage health assessments for all eligible employees and adult dependents on a yearly basis through HealthScope.