Weather Closing Information

The college administration does not favor a decision to close the college for snow or other weather conditions except in unusually extreme conditions since most students live on campus or in near proximity to the college. While classes and labs are canceled for students, employees of the college are expected to arrive on campus to do their work as soon as driving conditions reasonably permit. Those facing delays in getting to work should notify their work supervisors.

Pay is not normally provided to hourly employees unless they meet their work appointments. Salaried employees absent from work are expected to fulfill their job responsibilities at alternate times. Needs vary greatly across campus and exceptions should be negotiated with the employee's service center manager.

The vice president for Academic Administration consults with the president, vice president for finance, and the vice president for Student Services in the decision-making process for snow closing. After a decision for snow closing, telephone calls are made in a specific order.

Snow closing announcements will also be posted on the homepage under Current News.