Why should Adventist students choose Union College?

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We all wish there were a pill we could take that would magically teach us what we need to know. But that's not how education works. Education is an experience.

  • It takes time.
  • It takes studying with gifted, caring teachers. 
  • It takes making mistakes. 
  • It takes finding friends who will challenge you even as they support you. 

At Union College, we offer the supportive, thoughtful and thought-provoking community you need to grow, learn and be ready for life's challenges.

Here's a few reasons Adventist students choose Union:

Photo of a Pathfinder honor with food and a place setting.

Experience finding direction.

Any college can teach you career skills. Union goes a step further. We help you find a calling ... that special plan God has for you. It starts at orientation with personality testing and meeting with academic advisors. But it doesn't stop with choosing a major. It's a four-year adventure involving mentors, hands-on experience, service and learning. You can find out more about the Quest for Calling here

Photo of a Pathfinder honor with food and a place setting.

Experience the food.

It's not mom's home cooking, but eating in Union Market is pretty great. In fact, we haven't seen a better college cafeteria anywhere. Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten free? None of the above? We've got you covered. Our cooks love what they do, and it shows. Seriously. We have students who chose Union just because the food is so good. Visit us and try it for yourself (for free!).

Photo of a Pathfinder honor with food and a place setting.

Experience the thrill of service.

College shouldn't be about waiting four years to start doing what you're passionate about. You'll feel it during Project Impact at the start of the year (watch the video); service is integrated into everything we do. Union students make a difference immediately. Business majors help low-income families with their taxes. Education majors start working with kids their freshman year. Communication majors build websites and social media strategies for non-profits. Whatever your major, you will find ways to use it for the greater good at Union College.

Photo of a Pathfinder honor with food and a place setting.

Experience professors who care ... a lot.

If you want to be anonymous, Union might not be right for you. Just as we know you have a mission, you are our mission. We will get to know you, and the relationships you'll build with faculty, staff and administrators make it hard for you to fail. It's one of the many advantages of being a small school with small class sizes. Skip a class? Your teacher will probably email you to make sure everything is alright. Don't take our word for it, watch a video about a recent graduate who found out just how committed his professors were when he got into a car accident.


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