Biography of Ben Holdsworth

Photo of Benjamin Holdsworth
Full Title: Professor of Religion
Building: Dick Building
Room Number: 412-D
Email: benholdsworth [at]
Work Phone: 2371
Departments: Division of Religion - 402.486.2526
Job Description:

Dr. Holdsworth teaches Christian Ethics, Greek 1 & 2, Christian Health and Bioethics, Pauline Epistles (Romans), and New Testament Epistles.

Academic Background

Dr. Holdsworth graduated with a BA in Theology from Columbia Union College in 1980, with minors in Secondary Education, Social Studies, and History. In 1987, he completed an MBA at Florida Institute of Technology, and in 2003 earned an MA in New Testament Studies at Newbold College (UK); his Masters thesis focused on the book of Ephesians. He completed his PhD at Durham University (Northern UK) in 2010. His graduate research concentrated on the book of Romans within its first-century context.

Campus & Community Involvement:

Dr. Holdsworth serves on a number of Union College's committees and is part of the spiritual mentoring program. He is also a member of the College View Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Professional Background:

Dr. Holdsworth spent a year as a student missionary, teaching conversational English and Bible. His teaching career continued at Orlando Junior Academy and Forest Lake Academy, in Orlando, Florida. Later, he worked for Florida Hospital and Adventist Health System for 11 years, eventually becoming director of Corporate Planning. This was followed by two years of consulting with Lant-Holdsworth Associates in Strategic Planning, Change Management and Organizational Behavior.

Regardless of his occupation, his passion to teach the Bible continued by facilitating adult Sabbath School classes at Markham Woods and Florida Hospital Churches in Orlando, Florida, and at Newbold College and in Durham, UK. 

From 1998 to 2001 Dr. Holdsworth pastored two churches — Plant City and Carrollwood, in Tampa, Florida. He is an ordained minister.


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Autumn, 2004: Andrews University Seminary Studies: The Other Intercessor: The Holy Spirit as Familia-Petitioner in the Father’s ‘Imperial’ Household in Romans 8.26-27

July, 2010: PhD Thesis, University of Durham, UK. Reading Romans in Rome: A Reception of Romans in the Roman Context of Ethnicity and Faith.

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November 21, 2014: Adventist Society of Religious Studies Paper Presentation, “Rethinking Adventist Ecclesiology for a Climate-Impacted World”, San Diego, CA, Posted online:


November, 1993: Sabbath in the Old and New Testament and its Application to Celebration Health, (Position paper, presented, unpublished)

April, 1997: Downtown Community Outreach Focus Groups and Results for Florida Hospital Seventh-Day Adventist Church

May, 2000: Standard Operating Procedures for the Regional Relief Center warehouse management manual for the Florida Conference and State of Florida Division of Emergency Management

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November, 2005: Paper Presentation: Economic Disruption: A Catalyst for Violence Among Communities of Faith in Roman Palestine, Newbold College, Bracknell, UK

November, 2005: Paper Presentation: Economic Disruption: A Catalyst for Violence Among Communities of Faith in Roman Palestine, Adventist Society of Religious Studies, Philadelphia, PA

November, 2007: Thesis Chapter Presentation: University of Durham, New Testament Seminar.

November, 2011: Paper Presentation: Paul and Remnant in Romans 9-11: “Inclusively Exclusive” or “Exclusively Inclusive”?, Adventist Society of Religious Studies, San Francisco, CA.

November 21, 2014: Paper: Rethnking Adventist Ecclesiology for a Climate Impacted World, Adventist Society of Religious Studies,San Deigo, CA.

November 24, 2014: Presentation: Society of Biblical Literature Paper Respondent to Sarit Kattan Gribetz Paper, Between Narrative and Polemic: The Sabbath in Genesis Rabbah and the Babylonian Talmud, San Diego, California.

Research Interests:

Dr. Holdsworth has ongoing interest in Romans and its initial audience reception, the interaction of Judeans and Egyptians in Rome, and the semantics of faith, piety, and other language in the Pauline epistles primarily borrowed from non-Judean culture. Other topics of interest include the interaction of climate, economics, healthcare, agriculture, geo-politics, religion and cultural change.

Speaker's Bureau:

The Epistle of Romans and other Pauline Epistles

Acts and the Early Christian Church

The social context of the New Testament and the Greco-Roman world

Climate changee and its impacts on the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Personal Information:

The other occupant of the Holdsworth home is a rescue cat - Blizzard. He thinks he owns us!

The Holdsworths enjoy walking, music, international food, and travel (not camping). They have nostalgic memories of 8 years in England. They think the Midwest and Union College are great places to live and work.


Dr. Holdsworth’s wife, Ani, is of Armenian descent and was born and raised in Cyprus, with a short stint in Lebanon. She studied at Newbold College and graduated from Columbia Union College in 1980 with degrees in Communications and Commercial Art. She is a freelance graphic designer.