Biography of Dwain Leonhardt

Photo of Dwain Leonhardt
Full Title: Medical Director
Building: Love Building: PA/IRR wing
Room Number: 202C
Email: dwain.leonhardt [at]
Work Phone: 2344
Departments: Physician Assistant Studies Program - 402.486.2527
Job Description:

Medical director of the physician assistant program: The Medical Director supports the program director in assuring the continuous competent instruction for the clinically related components of the Union College PA Program, so that didactic and supervised instruction meets current acceptable practice. He is responsible for the didactic clinical medicine instruction, including

  1. retaining faculty,
  2. monitoring and evaluating student performance, and
  3. teaching responsibilities in their area of expertise.

He also represents the PA program to the community.

Academic Background

 Loma Linda University School of Medicine MD degree

Union College BA with major in chemistry

Professional Background:

Licensed Medical Doctor

Personal Information:

 Enjoy birding, reading, and biking (not all at the same time!).


 Carol works at Southeast Community College as an EAP coordinator.