Biography of Edward Allen

Full Title: Professor of Religion, Director of the Union Scholars Honors Program
Building: Dick Building
Room Number: 412-A
Email: edallen [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 2375
Departments: Division of Religion - 402.486.2526, Union Scholars - 402.486.2560
Job Description:

Dr. Allen teaches Jesus and the Gospels, World Religions, Developing the Christian Mind, The History of the Christian Church, The History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Prophetic Guidance in the Division of Religion.

Academic Background

Dr. Allen graduated with a bachelor's from La Sierra University in 1975. He completed a Master of Divinity degree at Andrews University in 1979 and finished a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1991. He received a Ph.D. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008.

Campus & Community Involvement:

Dr. Allen is the Chair of the Center for Interfaith Studies and Culture Steering Committee at Union College. He is also the Chair of Sabbath in Text and Tradition Seminar for the Society of Biblical Literature as well as the President of the Association for Seventh-day Adventist Historians. Aside from all this, Dr. Allen plays the cello in the Golden Cords String Quartet and coordinates its activities.

Professional Background:

Dr. Allen pastored in Northern California from 1976 to 1990. After spending three years at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Church in Hong Kong, he pastored in Southern California until 2005.

  • "The Puritan Legacy of Sabbatarianism," Ministry, 67 (March 1994)
  • "Was Karlstadt a Proto-Sabbatarian?" Andrews University Seminary Studies, 44 (Spring 2006)
  • Doctor of Ministry dissertation: "Rest as a Spiritual Discipline; The Meaning and Manner of Sabbath Observance," Fuller Theological Seminary, 1991.
  • Doctor of Philosophy dissertation: "Nicholas Bownde and the Context of Sunday Sabbatarianism," Fuller Theological Seminary, 2008.
  • "The Canvasback Conspiracy," Adventist Today, 18, Spring 2010, 11-13.
  • "Student Responses to Adventist Honors Education," Adventist Education, Vol 73, 5 (April/May 2011), 43-46.
  • "The Barmen Declaration: The Theologians Who Stood Against the Nazi Tide," Light, forthcoming.

Nov. 2002      Presentation to the Adventist Society for Religious Studies: "Conversation Across Generations, Genders and Cultures: A Family Dialogue."

Nov. 2003      Presentation to the Adventist Society for Religious Studies: “Adventist Eschatology Seen From the Perspective of Centered Sets.”

Jan. 2004        Presentation at the Pasadena Mennonite Church: “Karlstadt and the Anabaptists.”

Nov. 2004      Presentation to the Adventist Society for Religious Studies: “Approaches to Conversion in a Postmodern Context,” for the Pastoral Ministry section.

Nov. 2009      Presentation to the Adventist Society for Religious Studies: “Sabbath, Healing, and Poverty in Historical Perspective.”

Nov. 2009      Presentation to the Consultation on the Sabbath, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting: “Sabbath Traditions in the Gospel of John.”

Oct. 2010        Presentation at a workshop on “Retention in Honors” at the National Collegiate Honors Society Convention.

Nov. 2010       Paper read for the Sabbath Consultation at the Society of Biblical Literature: “The Sabbath and her Sisters: Circumcision, Sacrifice, Ceremony, and Sabbath in Justin’s Dialogue with Trypho.”

Nov. 2012       Paper read for the Sabbath Consultation at the Society of Biblical Literature: "The Sabbath and the Age to Come in the Mishnah, Philo, and Augustine."

Jan. 2014         Paper read for Adventism and Adventist History: Sesquicentennial Reflections Conference: "The anti-creedalism of Charles Beecher as a source of early Adventist historiography."

Oct. 2014         Keynote address given at the Adventistm in China Conference in Hong Kong: "The Roots of Adventism's Mission to China 1875 to 1903."

Oct. 2014         Paper read at the Adventism in China Conference in Hong Kong: "The Impact of the Seventh-day Adventist Work in China on the Denomination as a Whole."

Speaker's Bureau:

Prophetic Guidance
The Sabbath



Dr. Allen has three daughters. 

  • Elizabeth Johnston is a physician in California.
  • Rebecca Johnson works for the Yukon Territorial Government in Canada. 
  • Sarah Chen is a physician in Washington state.

Dr. Allen's wife, Madalyn, has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary.