Biography of Mike Mennard

Picture of Dr. Mike Mennard
Full Title: Assistant Professor of English and Communication
Building: Dick Building
Room Number: 408-D
Email: mimennar [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 2321
Departments: Division of Humanities - 402.486.2523
Job Description:


Mike Mennard teaches communications and literature classes.

Campus & Community Involvement:
  • Communications Club
  • Junior Class sponsor for '07-'08
Personal Information:


Mike is into poetry, storytelling, reading, the Oakland As, surfing the web and kids' music.

Currently he has several kids music CDs out, the newest being When Mother Goose Laid an Egg. You can even find his music on iTunes. Mike is also a free-lance writer.

His book, Can't Keep My Soul from Dancing, came out in 2003. He has a few other ones that he's written as well.

A Disney fanatic like his wife and son, Mikes office is decked out with Disney posters and souvenirs. Quite often you'll see him around campus wearing an Incredibles hat. Each year, he and his family go to Disneyland, their favorite place on earth, at least once. Most often they go twice a year.



They have an 10-year-old son named Ramsey, whom Mike loves to play with.



He is married to Michelle Mesnard, who is also a professor at Union College. He says that that makes him the luckiest man alive.