Biography of Nancy Petta

Photo of Nancy Petta
Full Title: Program Director of Health and Human Performance, Professor of Health and Human Performance
Building: Larson Lifestyle Center
Room Number: 206
Email: nancy.petta [at]
Work Phone: 2889
Personal Phone: 402-420-9446
Fax: 402-486-2542
Departments: Division of Emergency Management and Exercise Science/Health and Human Performance - ext. 2167
Job Description:


Professor of Health and Human Performance

Professional Background:
  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, B.S.
  • Andrews University, M.A.T.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ed.D.

Mom of six....canines! Willow--greyhound, Vivian-Italian greyhound, Ru- Italian greyhound, Bria- White fluffy cutie, Lady-Minature Dachshund, Ruby-Corgy/Beagle Mix