Biography of Ruth Mendenhall

Photo of Ruth Mendenhall
Full Title: Nursing Faculty
Building: Larson Lifestyle Center
Room Number: 419
Email: ruth.mendenhall [at]
Work Phone: 2341
Personal Phone: 402-483-0293
Departments: Division of Nursing - 402.486.2524
Job Description:
  • Associate Professor in the Nursing Program, teaching Complex Care and Gerontology.

Academic Background
  • BSN from Union College
  • MSN from University of Texas, Arlington 
  • ACLS certified
Campus & Community Involvement:


Foot Clinic 

Professional Background:


I started as a nurse at Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. I first worked on the telemetry floor and then moved to Critical Care Charge Nurse. I started my teaching career at Southwestern Adventist University and transitioned to Union College in 1986. 

Research Interests:


I have worked with putting together a questionnaire/evaluation for stoke clients. I have collected data for a drug trial. I like doing research that is clinically related. 

Personal Information:


I have a cat, JT.  JT is a chocolate point with long fur and a long tail. My mother and brother live with me. I enjoy reading, puzzles,quilting and other crafts.