Faculty Openings

The following faculty positions are open. For future positions send your curriculum vitae to Juan Perez in Human Resources at juperez [at] ucollege.edu or call 402.486.2502. Faculty positions require active membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Opening Description

Chair, Division of Human Development

Full time

Human Development and Education Program

Contact: Frankie Rose, Vice President for Academic Administration
Posted on February 03, 2017
Seeking a committed Seventh-day Adventist with vision, demonstrated leadership, and appropriate qualifications to direct the education program and Chair the Division of Human Development, comprising of education, psychology, and social work. Union maintains full NCATE (CAEP) accreditation and operates George Stone School, a unique K-8 lab school to prepare elementary education majors for teaching in multi-grade classrooms. The education director serves as principal of George Stone School. While carrying a reduced teaching load, a successful director will recruit, supervise, and motivate faculty, oversee the long-range division and department goals and objectives, and lead out in NCATE (CAEP) accreditation. Requirements for the position include those established by NCATE (CAEP), a doctorate in education or a related field, and experience in PK-12 education. Experience with the Adventist church school system is a valued asset, as is eligibility for Nebraska state teaching and administrative certificates. A strong commitment to sustaining a collegial, equitable, and supportive environment for faculty and staff is essential. Effective June 2017.

Art and Graphic Design Faculty

Full time

Fine Arts

Contact: Bruce Forbes, Chair
Posted on November 13, 2016
Seeking a Professor of Art and Graphic Design to teach drawing, design, art, art history, and graphic design courses. A master's degree in Art or Graphic Design is required, Master of Fine Arts strongly preferred. Effective June 2017.

Communications/English Faculty

Full time, Academic Year


Contact: Mark Robison, Chair
402.486.2600 ext. 2328
Posted on October 25, 2016
Seeking a Communications and English professor to teach editing and magazine writing courses as well as to instruct in a complementary range of courses which may include public speaking, interpersonal communication, creative writing, first-year composition, and research writing.

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