May 22, 2003 




LINCOLN-Sixteen Union College students will graduate as Union Scholars Sunday morning, May 11, during Union College commencement services.

As a group, the 2003 graduating class received 187 degrees: 33 for the Bachelor of Arts, eight for the Bachelor of Arts in Theology, 107 for the Bachelor of Science, 13 for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, three for the Bachelor of Social Work, 20 for the Associate in Science and three for the Associate of Arts.

Of the 59 students graduating with honors (including the 16 Union Scholars), 16 graduated summa cum laude (3.9-4.0 GPA), 13 graduated magna cum laude (3.75-3.89 GPA), 30 graduated cum laude (3.50-3.74 GPA) and four with associate degrees graduated with Commendation (3.50-4.0 GPA).

Union Scholars, which began seven years ago, had 57 students enrolled during the 2002-2003 school year. Requiring a minimum GPA of 3.33 throughout the college career, the program helps students who excel in academics and creativity by providing advanced academic opportunities, yearly scholarships and a cash award upon completion of the program. Members take advanced classes exclusive to the program and participate in community service projects. According to Sharlett Reinke, Union Scholar secretary, volunteer positions have included work at the Matt Talbot Kitchen, Madonna School for Exceptional Children, Good Neighbor Center and Friendship Home all in Lincoln, and Children’s Hospice Center in Omaha.

The capstone of the Union Scholars program is a senior research project


comparable to graduate-level work. Graduating scholars and their projects are as follows:


Sarah Baugher—“The Role of the Physician Assistant”

Scott Cushman—“Leaves of Figs,” a compilation of original poetry

Pauline Deeb—“A Public Relations Campaign for the Ortner Center”

Gwen Gerling—“An Investigation of Establishing and Maintaining Norms in the Union                 College Subculture”

Cassie Johnson—“Internet Resources for Seventh Grade History Curriculum”

Roger Keaton— “The Russian Oil Industry: A Case Study.”

Amanda McGuire—“The Glory of YHWH in the Book of Ezekiel”

Peter McHenry—“‘Silybum Marianum’ Induces Apoptosis in Mouse (TRAMP-C1) and             Human (LNCaP) Cancer Cells”

Daniel Murauskas—“The Great Controversy in The Screwtape Letters and The Great                    Divorce by C.S. Lewis”

Tracey Noyd—“The Analysis of Far Infra-red Spectra of Lead(II) and Lead(IV)             Compounds”

Michelle Singh—“A Comparison of Attitudes from Union College Students Concerning             Female Genital Mutilation”

Michael Smith—“A Quick Reference to Japanese Religion and Other Helpful             Information for the Christian Missionary in Japan”

Christina VanVliet—“Publishing Poetry”

Stephanie Vercio—“A Comparative Study of the Athletic Policies of Union College to             Other Adventist Colleges in the United States and Similar-Sized Non-Adventist             Colleges of the Midwest Area”

Josh Okimi—“The Maze is Solvable—A Study in Limited AI”

Hannah Wong—“Induction of Apoptosis on TRAMP-C2 Cells by Chinese Medicinal             Herb ‘Scutellaria Barbata’”