It's April 10; Good Morning Union

“He cares for those who trust Him.”        Nahum 1:7

Ok, not the MOST exciting book of the Bible I’ve ever read! It’s a three-page, three-chapter description of the destruction of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria (located on the Tigris River in north Iraq, in case you care!) They had been tormenting Judah, a part of God’s special people, who I guess deserved a bit of tormenting by someone because they certainly were not listening to and obeying God!

But, true to the God I continue to learn to know and love, He was done with His people and reminded them various placed in their history, through His prophets, that though there are consequences to choosing not to trust God, there are even greater promised for those who do. He describes Himself as a “refuge in times of trouble.” So if I understand God’s thinking it goes something like this:

1.            Best deal for you- trust Me

2.            If you don’t, trouble just might come

3.            If it does, remember that I am a refuge for you

4.            If you take refuge in me then I’ll take care of you again.

So maybe James is right, that I am to “count it all joy when I meet various trials,” because those trials just might be markers to remind me when I am off course with God, AND that if I choose to get back on course with God He’s more than interested in taking care of me again.

I may not see it clearly in the dark times but the whole verse, imbedded in the middle of the promise to Assyria that God was going to take His people back, is this whole verse of promise to His people:

“For the Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.”

Have a great day trusting so you may not have to go through as many troubles,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “God helps those who help themselves.” NOT in the Bible! Ben Franklin and JFK made it famous! It should say, “God helps those who have discovered they can’t help themselves” PR

PS Jammin’ for Jesus has been postponed this week to not conflict with the week of prayer meeting. Thank you Anna.

PPS Week of Prayer with Jonathan Burnett. Another great message last night. Please don’t look back on this week and say, “I wish I had heard this guy.” See you in Woods at 8:32pm