It's April 18; Good Morning Union

“Surely this was a righteous man.”           Luke 23:47

Friday of that weekend long ago was the day Jesus died. Killed for the “sin” of claiming to be who He really was. And the only one who seemed to have gotten it was one of the Roman guards. His followers seemed to have made up their mind so thoroughly on what they expected from their king that they appear to have missed Jesus’ purpose entirely.

But the Roman guard, that’s a different story. He saw a righteous man, not because of the power He displayed, but by the way He responded to affliction- even unto death. Jesus illustrated forgiveness to the multitude (“Father forgive them…”,) hope of eternal life to the thieves (“truly I say to you today, you WILL be with Me in paradise.,) care for His mother (“John, behold your mother…,”)and an endless confidence in His Father (“into Your hands I commend my Spirit.”) I think there is a lesson in that for me, either in what I see in others, or in what I find in myself in the tough times.

Have a great day looking deeply,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” Elie Wiesel

PS           Family Worship features our UC family sharing the Easter experience. This will include a presentation by our own Ben Tyner! Note the new time for starting “vespers” from now until the end of the school year—8PM

PPS        Afterglo will be hosted by Women’s Ministries and will be a relationship panel, in Woods, right after Family Worship.

PPPS      Don’t forget to stay by and help Pastor Paradise get ready for tomorrow’s Easter drama. He needs 40 stand ins that will have only one thing to do at the end of the service to help make it a very interactive and responsive experience. Stay by for your only rehearsal right after Family Worship tonight.