It's April 25; Good Morning Union

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” Ephesians 3:20

A section of Scripture that Pastor Terry Bock memorized and has recited numerous times at church… I am so blessed by it every time I hear it that I decided to learn it too. What a blessing to fix God’s word in my mind. I have it there to pull up whenever I wish or need.

This verse is the conclusion of the section—a challenge to be blown away mentally and spiritually as I remember that God is capable of doing, not just MORE than I can ask, but IMMEASURABLY more than I can ask. And not just immeasurably more than I can ask, but immeasurably more than I can ask OR imagine. Now, just “imagine” that!!

And He does all that by HIS power that is at work within me. No wonder, as it says, I need to give Him the glory. It’s not me, it’s His power in me; doing not just what I ask, but what I ask AND imagine. Wow, what a God!

Have a great day focusing on Him and letting Him do in you more than you can ask or imagine,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “IF YOU CAN'T BE KIND, BE QUIET!”

PS           Family Worship Location Change for the UC Fine Arts Division annual Spring Concert!:

The First United Methodist Church on St. Paul Avenue and 50th Street!   This church is located north on 48th Street in the University Place area. 

Directions are easy: Take 48th St. to St. Paul Avenue.  (For most , that will be north on 48th St.) At St. Paul Avenue, turn  east two blocks to the beautiful domed church.

Featured on the program will be the UC Concert Band, the Chamber Orchestra, the Guitar Ensemble and the Unionaires and the chamber choir the “Twelve”.  UC shuttle bus and van will be available both before and after the concert, leaving from the north side of the College View church @ 7:30pm for those on the UC campus needing transportation to and from the concert.

Please come support the Fine Arts Division as they try out a new acoustical space, reach out into the greater Lincoln community and share the music of beauty in this wild storm called life.

PPS no afterglow tonight due to the vespers venue and the challenge of regrouping on campus after an off campus event. Kathy WILL, however, be having rolls!!