It's April 30; Good Morning Union

“The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith.”      1 Timothy 1:5

I like Timothy. Tomorrow I’ll probably write about my favorite text in the Bible (because it’s found in 2 Timothy and THAT will be my book for tomorrow!) Paul was “old” and in prison; Timothy was young and starting into ministry. The old man mentoring the young man. I think I like his books to this young man because the passion in my heart is to be able to pass along to the “young adults” in my life the best I can so that you can spiritually prosper and make and impact for Jesus in your worlds. YOU are my “Timothys!”

Descriptive spiritual words that Paul repeats several times in this letter include:

1.            sincere faith

2.            love

3.            pure heart

4.            good conscience

They seem to be the defining elements of what he encourages his younger mentor to focus on in order to be effective both in life and in service. They all seem to be intertwined. If I reject the value of having a good conscience I make shipwreck of my faith (1:19). In other letters he says that I already have a measure of faith so I don’t have to try and get that, I just have to try and not lose it! And I lose it by not being able, because of my choices in life, to look someone, especially God, in the eye and say, “I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith…”

In another letter he says, “Guard your heart… because out of it come all the issues of life.” I keep it pure by the choices I make. And by those choices I can have a clear conscience; and with a clear conscience I can have sincere faith, which allows me to freely love the way God wants me to love. So my dear “Timothys,” that’s my goal for each of you as we come closer to wrapping up another school year!

Have a great day with your spiritual goals clearly in mind, and heart,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Rivers make the most noise and fury where they are the most shallow.”

PS           Hour of Power,  7pm in the Heritage Room. All are welcome

PPS        We made it!! Yesterday in chapel we read the last 49 chapters thanks to the early comers to church. Dr Wagner actually was in line and received the last chapter to read! So we finish at 10:35 yesterday, a day early!! Way to go Union!! J Thanks for being a part of this spiritually impacting goal for the last month of school.

PPPS      Thanks for taking a few minutes with our Campus Ministries survey. Help us know the spiritual temperature of the college and how we can best help it soar even higher! The more responses the more accurate the results! Thanks—PS on a PS- to my other GMU readers, this is ONLY for UC students. Thanks

PPPPS   Summer Youth pastor job in Idaho just came across my desk. Come see me if you are interested.

PP..S      There are also numerous SM positions on the Marshall Islands and in Egypt. It might be possible to still get you processed if you are feeling the calling.