It's April 8; Good Morning Union

“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”           Jonah 2:8

It’s a very familiar story- Jonah and the “big fish.” But what are the lessons for me this morning. It’s only two pages long and 4 short chapters- read it and see what you find. Here’s what I found:

1.            I can run but I can’t hide

2.            I can try and flee from God but He’ll find me

3.            I can do ridiculous, dumb rash things but God will still watch out for me. It might cost me but He’s still with me

4.            I can try and reject God’s calling in my life but He’ll faithfully hang in there till I come to my senses

5.            I can pray from any place and at any time and God will hear me

6.            When I obey, God takes care of the results miraculously

7.            I can argue with God but I better not expect to win

8.            God’s mercy always triumphs over my judgmental spirit.

So as my text for the day suggests, it’s just not worth clinging to anything that I place before God and His will. In doing that, though He’ll hang in there with me, I make a really rough life for myself, “forfeiting the grace that could be mine.”

Have a great day discovering YOUR story in the stories in God’s Story,

Pastor Rich

PS           Chapel today will be a continuation of our Week of Prayer. Come to the church @ 10:30 and here Jonathan Burnett. If you do you’ll be hooked for the rest of the week! Last night was an amazing message of relevance in sorting out the struggles of seeing God clearly for who He is. Please don’t miss any of it!!

PPS        Week of Prayer continues tonight in Woods @ 8:32pm

PPPS      Join the Bible reading marathon this month. Lots of chapters have been read. Come pick one or two that you will read and become part of the campus-wide spiritual boosting activity.

PP..S      Don’t forget about the spiritual gifts seminar this Sabbath (and Sabbath the 26th.) Sign up in the Humanities Division or Campus Ministries.

PP..S      Pray: @ 7:32am in the prayer room in Prescott, @ 10:32am, 12:32pm, 2:32pm when the Clock Tower chimes- or just pray whenever and wherever you feel like it!!

PP…S     Remember, if you are graduating this spring and are looking for a job that is also ministry, check out the Korean Language Institute. They have a booth in the Ortner lobby today only! Here are some details:

1. The annual salary is $24,000 ($2000 per month)

2. Free housing and furniture are providing for all teachers. 

3. The institute covers insurance for teachers

4. A bonus of $600-$700 is provided every six months of service towards airfare

5 A severance pay (an amount equal to one month’s pay) is given to a teacher for serving a full uninterrupted year. 

7. A teachers can sign a 6 month contract or a year contract. They can also extend their contract after their first contract ends. 

8. It is both a good mission and job opportunity for all graduating students and students who are close to their graduation or have already graduated.

Please contact Pastor Choi, Gil Ho at dean [at] or Sandra Owusu-Antwi atadmin [at] if interested in working there.