It's August 25; Good Morning Union

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy…”          Philippians 1:4


Welcome back! OR, welcome for the first time if you are just joining our school family. For my 16th year I am writing Good Morning Union as a way of illustrating to you the faithfulness of God when we choose to spend time with Him, AND to provide a unifying focus for all of us as we make this school year the greatest experience possible- with God!!


If you’re new, here’s how it goes. Every school day I get up, go to my desk, and ask God to give me something I can share with my school family. I open His Word and write a paragraph (or so!) on my personal musing with God as I reflect. I hope you don’t need my help because you have your own strong and flourishing devotional life; but if that is not the case then please make a commitment to God, on this first day of classes, to spend time with Him every day (use GMU as needed to help get the habit going!). Also, even if you don’t need the devotional help, check out the PSs at the end which will help keep you informed with what’s happening from Campus Ministries that day.


So, here we go!! New school year; new opportunities to grow in your connection with Jesus SO THAT all the other decision you will have to make can be guided by Him! THAT, I believe, provides the greatest probability of success.


I’m going to start in the book of Philippians, and make my commitment to you, that like Paul did for the people in Philippi, I’m going to be praying for you all—“with joy.” My reasoning will be the same as Paul’s- “because of your partnership with the gospel.” I believe it is NOT a coincidence that you are at Union College. God brought you here because of your desire to get more than an education, but to discover your calling and purpose in life- as a child of God. We are committed to provide you not only with a high quality education as you prepare for your career, but to do so with an intentional focus on something far greater than just getting a job—but in finding God’s purpose in this world that He has for you.


So it is “with joy” that I pray for you, that you will discover that purpose, and in that find great joy in life and in service. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (vs 6)


Have a great day, and a great school year, committed to discovering God’s purpose for your life,
Pastor Rich


Quote for the day: "The degree to which we understand the depth of our own forgiveness is the degree to which we'll forgive others."


PS Heart Scan applications are available in Campus Ministries. If you want to be a part of the spiritual mentoring in exchange for accumulating attendance points for worship services here is a review of the criteria:

1.      Be a Sophomore or higher with a positive citizenship and worship attendance record

2.      Pick up an application outside Campus Ministries and learn about the mentorship responsibilities

3.      Choose a mentor from our list or go ask a faculty or staff member here at Union if they will be your spiritual mentor


5.      Now enjoy  the semester on your spiritual journey

6.      Return the form to me at the end of the semester and you are good to go for “worship credits”