It's August 26; Good Morning Union

“And this is my prayer for you…”               Philippians 1:9

I never seem to get very far as I sit down with God’s word before He shows me something else that I can share with others (my guess is He does the same for you as you give Him the chance!) Anyway, yesterday I said I would pray for you, “with joy,” because of your partnership with Jesus. Today, a few versed farther down I found more details of Paul’s prayer for the people in Philippi, AND more reasons why I want to continue praying for you.

“And this is my (Paul’s) prayer (for the Philippians):

1.            That your love may abound more and more

2.            in knowledge

3.            and depth of insight


1.            you may be able to discern what is best

2.            and be pure and blameless

3.            filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ.”

And so, in harmony with Paul’s prayer, this is “MY” prayer, for you:

1.            that you understand more and more of the love of God for you SO THAT His love fills you and that love is evident in your life as you love others with Christian love

2.            that you grow in your knowledge of Him and His purpose for your life

3.            that your accumulated knowledge equips you to understand, with greater insight, His plans for your journey with Him.


1.            you will know what is best

2.            you will make wise choices, DOING what is best

3.            your life will illustrate that you are allowing Jesus to live His life out in you.

So have a great day choosing Jesus SO THAT He can make a difference in your life,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: "The God who created us is better than the God we've created."

PS Today is our first chapel of the school year. We meet in the church at 10:30 on Tuesday mornings. Put it now, in your daily planner, to include this midweek time together with God and our school family. Today we get to hear Dr. Vinita Sauder, our new president, as she shares her dreams for Union united with Jesus. See you in a few hours in church! J

PPS Don’t forget to pick up your Heart Scan form on the table right outside Campus Ministries if you want to participate in the spiritual mentoring program (in exchange for counting worship credit points!) You must do it this week so act now.