It's August 29; Good Morning Union

“I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”    Philippians 3:8

When it’s all said and done, what will really matter in life? The one with the most toys does NOT win! Paul was willing to sacrifice everything just to “gain Christ.” What am I willing to sacrifice? Outwardly he had pretty much everything going for him in life and he gave it up even to the point that as he wrote this letter to the people in Philippi, he himself was in prison in Rome, for no reason except that he confessed that Jesus was His Lord. He was not interested in just trying to look good on the outside; he wanted, through faith in Christ, to have the righteousness, given to him by God, present on his inside SO THAT it could be evident in his life. It was all about Jesus- for Paul, for Jesus, for me and I pray for YOU!

Have a great day deciding about your commitment to Jesus,

Pastor Rich


PS Tonight is our first “family worship” (aka Vespers) of the school year. Join Jessyka, our Union for Christ director and her team as they share their dream and vision for this school year. The weather has caused us to move the program into the church. See you there @ 7:30

PPS After vespers we always have something for you. Tonight CABL (Collegiate Adventists for Better Living) will provide parfaits and a time of fellowship as we begin our first Sabbath of the school year together.