It's December 9; Good Morning Union

“’Come now let us reason together,’ says the Lord. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.’”                Isaiah 1:18


OK this is a little weird! I REALLY did sit down this morning and say, “What should I write about?” as I got ready to write GMU. Needless to say yesterday was a joyous experience for me (aka YES I’m from Minnesota and YES I like cold AND snow!) My Bible was closed on my desk and I flopped it open as I was firing up my computer. Still no knowing what to write about I looked at the page my Bible fell open to and the first marked verse I saw--- you guessed it--- the Biblical evidence and confirmation of God’s love for the same thing I love!! SNOW!!! J This HAS to be from God because I have to confess my “sin.” I’d been enjoying the snow so much that I hadn’t even remembered God’s promise or His illustration! Forgiveness- the greatest gift of all to each of us, is illustrated with--- SNOW!!


It’s so important to Him that He used it as His explanation for just how forgiven and cleansed He wants to make all of us!! “Think about it,” that’s what He says. “Come now let us reason together.” “Though your life is a mess, I’ll clean it up!” “Sin has stained you, but I’ll fix that until you are as white as--- SNOW!”


NOW, go out this morning, look at the beautiful blanket of white covering our campus, and say, “Thank you Jesus for this beautiful reminder of Your love and goodness, Your forgiveness and Your cleansing. Thank you for making my life as white as--------- SNOW!!!!” J


I’m not sure I have you all convinced of the illustration, but I hope you are convinced of forgiveness and cleansing!


Have a great day in the snow, AND in forgiveness,

Pastor Rich


Quote of the day: “You can make more friends in two minutes by being interested in them than you can in two weeks by trying to get them interested in you.”