It's February 11; Good Morning Union

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.”    Luke 2:52

The One Project continues today here in Seattle, focusing on the importance of Jesus as the central message and commitment of our Church. In keeping with that theme (and my current journey through the Bible) today I was looking for my ah-ha moment in the book of Luke, and I didn’t have to look far. This famous descriptor of Jesus, summarizing what little we actually know about his growing up years, reminded me again of the balance in His life.

“And Jesus:

1.            Increased”- He wasn’t satisfied with just doing the minimum to exist and make it through life—He “increased.”

2.            “in wisdom”- He increased mentally

3.            “and in stature”- He increased physically

4.            “and in favor with God”- He increased spiritually

5.            “and man”- He increased socially

Talk about a well-rounded person!  

Have a great day in your commitment to “increase” like Jesus.

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “The bad news is- there is no key to happiness. The good news- it isn’t locked!”

PS           Chapel today will feature Morre Dean CEO of a hospital in Colorado, Union graduate, and UC board member. Join us in the church @ 10:30 and hear Morre share his journey as a Christian in the business world.

PPS        “At the Core” Bible study each Tuesday night @ 7 in the Prescott Hall Prayer Room.

PPPS      “Christ on Demand” Tuesday evenings @ 8:30 in the Lang Lobby (above the Ortner Center.)

PPPPS   Check out for a new and exciting worship option, “The Bible and the Koran.” 7pm each Tuesday evening in the Bollinger Room above Ortner.