It's February 24; Good Morning Union

“All Scripture is God-breathed….”             Timothy 3:16

A very familiar verse of Scripture that is often used to confirm the authority and authenticity of God’s Word. The older and more familiar way it was said (when I was a kid and we ONLY used the King James!) “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” If I accept that the Bible IS from God, and I do, then what is it to be used for? “It’s useful for:

1.            Teaching – (Showing me the path)

2.            Rebuking – (Showing me when I get off the path)

3.            Correcting – (Showing me how to get back on the path)

4.            Training – (Showing me how to stay on the path)

SO THAT the people of God may be THOROUGHLY equipped for every good work.” This “resource” of following Jesus appears to be pretty inclusive with some pretty positive and strong outcomes. Because I would like to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work,” I think I will continue to commit my desire to God to listen to, follow, accept, and gain from what He has “breathed” for my benefit and blessing. How about you?

Have a great and profitable day with God and His word,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: "Stop fighting over who created the world and start fighting against those who are destroying it."

PS           PA Bible Study @ 8:30 with Janessa.

PPS        “Real Talk” with Nic Barnett and friends. Join them @ 9pm in the Rees Hall rec room for an hour of open talk about real issues facing young adults today. Guys have to check in at the front desk and be escorted down!!