It's February 27; Good Morning Union

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus….”                Hebrews 12:2

Hebrews is about Jesus, the High Priest, in the Heavenly sanctuary and what an advantage that offers me, by faith, to see my spiritual potential in Him. Chapter 12 has some criteria to realizing this potential:

1.            “throw off everything that hinders and entangles me in sin”

2.            “run with perseverance the race (or life) marked out”

3.            “fix my eyes on Jesus”

4.            “consider Him who endured so much”

5.            “don’t grow weary and lose heart”

6.            “live at peace with everyone”

7.            “be holy.”

That’s quite an order, yet at the same time, it’s quite a clear picture of where my focus should be.  I need to:

1.            stay away from sin and whatever distracts me from Jesus

2.            hang in there for the long haul, like running a marathon vs running a 100 yard dash

3.            “turn my eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face….”

4.            reflect on the life of Jesus so I don’t forget what my salvation cost Him

5.            not get discouraged; I’m growing an oak tree not a radish!

6.            do what it takes to get along with people.

7.            realize that I have been “set apart” by God for a special purpose (the definition of “holy”)

It’s a pretty high calling; it’s an amazing opportunity to be connected with the High Priest.

Have a great day focusing by faith in your future with the Father,

Pastor Rich

PS           Power Pac with Karl Haffner, author of the book, “Are You More Spiritual Than a 5th Grader?” Join us in the church tonight and Friday night @ 7:30, then again on Sabbath morning for both services (two different sermons.)

PPS        “Jammin’ for Jesus” is back. Join Anna and friends in Rees Hall from 9-9:30pm for a great time of worship, praise and fellowship.

PPPS      If you are thinking about being a student missionary next school year you REALLY need to be in contact with Cherilyn Clayville- like YESTERDAY!! We need to get you started on the application process AND you need to start planning to be a part of the required orientation that starts on Tuesday evening, March 18, right after spring break. Let’s talk SOON if you are considering this experience.

PPPPS   Hope you are looking at some special way that you can contribute to the fund raising for Jacob’s family in South Sudan. Tax deductible gifts can be processes through the UC Advancement Office. Otherwise tomorrow is our designated collection day.