It's March 17; Good Morning Union

“He rescued me because He delights in me.”      2 Samuel 22:20

Welcome back from break. Hope it was good to you. Just think, only 35 more school days, a few exams and this school year is history!! I’m in Cape Town and before I head out to see the cape I continue on my second round of a book-a-day from the Bible just challenging myself to look for some kind of a blessing with which I can bless myself and can share with you.

As I was reading 2 Samuel I was in the story of David while he was dealing with a rather distraught Saul. Realizing that his bad choices and priorities in life had not endeared himself to the God whom he claimed to serve, King Saul was taking it out on his anointed successor David. Though specifically chosen by God to be the king of Israel the road to the throne was NOT paved in gold. That’s a valuable lesson I continue to learn in life. The easy way is not always the best way. The sure way is to confidently trust God that He meant what He said when He assured His believers in Bible times and today that we ARE His adopted children, heirs of His kingdom, with full assurance of victory. When things don’t look that way that’s NOT usually the best time to pick another path but to refocus on His promises.

And one of David’s conclusions, as he illustrated this mindset, is my text today—“He rescued me BECAUSE He delights in me!” This is not just about some promise that God is obligated to keep, it’s about a God who keeps His promises BECAUSE He delights in me, and in you! I like that God!

Have a great day trusting in God’s delightful direction toward His destination,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Don’t fight sin, find Christ.” Karl Haffner

PS           PA Bible Study @ 8:30 with Janessa.

PPS        “Real Talk” with Nic Barnett and friends. Join them @ 9pm in the Rees Hall rec room for an hour of open talk about real issues facing young adults today. Guys have to check in at the front desk and be escorted down!!

PPPS      I just saw this email as I was going through 300+ of them now that I finally have access to internet! Please note this event for the next two Sabbaths:

                Center for Interfaith Studies and Culture/Good Neighbor Center Food Drive on March 22 and 29.  I have chosen more territory in south Lincoln to distribute grocery bags with a note explaining the food drive on Sabbath, March 22.  We will then go back through that territory on the next Sabbath and pick those bags up.  We will start at 3:30 and go to 5:30 on each Sabbath.  Sign-up in Campus Ministries the week before each Sabbath so that we will know how many students/faculty that we can count on.