It's March 18; Good Morning Union

“A still small voice.”         1 Kings 19:12

I’m in Amsterdam and on my way home! Only about 23 hours in the air!!

The story I found in this book today is about Elijah on Mt Carmel with the prophets of Baal—God came through with flying colors for him and I almost wrote about Elijah’s prayer because it was so classic of what I wrote about a while back about praying for my vs God’s will. He told God, “answer my prayer, SO THAT the people would know that YOU are God.” Not so that I can save face among all these heathen prophets; not so that I can win; but so that YOU, GOD, will be glorified! He won on the mountain but things turned south, literally for Elijah!

Hearing that Jezebel was not happy and was out to kill him, Elijah ran 200 miles south to Mt Horeb, often thought to be the same at Mt Sinai, and, hiding in a cave, questioned his very existence. God flashed His power but He was not in the flash, He was in the “still small voice.” And that was my bleary eyed ah-ha moment as I started for home at 1:25am this morning! I want so badly for God to show His power, and He wants so badly to speak softly. Maybe this Christian journey is more about attentiveness than it is about authority; more about listening that showing. Maybe that’s the reason for quite time with God (often called devotions) so I can focus on listening as He quietly yet confidently leads me- and you!

Have a great day listening quietly to Him,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Religion is for those who fear the dark.” Dawkins “Atheism is for those who fear the Light!” (bumper sticker!)

PS           Chapel this week will be presented by Sam McKey. Young adult pastor from Arizona and requested by many of you who have heard him speak. Come at 10:30 to the church.

PPS        “At the Core” Bible study each Tuesday night @ 7 in the Prescott Hall Prayer Room.

PPPS      “Christ on Demand” Tuesday evenings @ 8:30 in the Lang Lobby (above the Ortner Center.)

PPPPS   Check out for a new and exciting worship option, “The Bible and the Koran.” 7pm each Tuesday evening in the Bollinger Room above Ortner.

PPPPPS                In the amphitheater on Tuesday, March 18 at 8:04 p.m. a representative from Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (NADP) will be giving a presentation on the controversial topic of the death penalty. No matter what your stance or belief is on this topic (or perhaps you haven’t made up your mind), this should be an informative and engaging event