It's March 19; Good Morning Union

“Don’t be afraid, those that are with us are more than those who are with them.”      2 Kings 6:16

I’m home!! J 13 days, 29,000 air miles; 18 airports (some more than once), roughly 75 hours in the air, and three great SMs (who are ALL doing a great job and giving Union College an amazing reputation for quality of volunteers!) and I slept in my own bed last night (for as long as jet lag would allow!) J It IS good to be home!

So here are my early morning musing from my book-of-the-day! I think, my favorite story in this book is the story of Elisha and his servant. God had been revealing strategic military countermoves for Israel even before the Aramean enemies had made their move and king Aram was NOT a happy camper/commander! He was sure there was a traitor in their midst and was about to take off some heads when some of his trusted leaders explained that it was God’s prophet Elisha who was the problem.

Readers’ Digest version of the story- they found Elisha in Dothan and surrounded the city. When the prophet’s helper went out in the morning he saw the army and knew they were as good as dead men. Elisha uttered my verse-of-the-day, and then prayed, “Lord, open his eyes.” And when the Lord answered Elisha’s prayer the servant saw all the chariots of Aram but he also saw the chariots of angels like fire surrounding them. They had chariots but God had chariots of fire; the servant only saw the hordes of Arameans but not the hosts of angels; he focused on the problem and not the provision! “Lord, open his eyes.”

The story gets better. First Elisha asked God to OPEN the eyes of his servant, now he asked God to blind the eyes of the enemies. And God did. They floundered their way toward Elisha and Elisha decided to have a little fun with them. “Who are you looking for?” “Elisha.” “Follow me, I’ll take you to him.” And now, picture Elisha and his servant leading the whole blind army of Aram straight into Samaria inside the walled city. “Ok Lord, open their eyes.” And God did! Now Aram and his troops are the ones that sense doom!

And the best part of the story. The people said to Elisha, “Shall we kill them?” and Elisha said, “No, make a banquet and feed them. Then let them go.” And they did! When I know God is on my side I can get very creative in how I treat my enemies!

And the last verse of the story—“So the bands of Aram stopped raiding Israel’s territory, and there was peace.”  Lord, open our eyes too so that we may see your victories in our lives as well.

Have a great day seeing,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Open my eyes Lord, I want to see Jesus.”

PS           Hour of Power, this month has been replaced by “March of Faith.” New place, new time, new theme. “March of Faith is an inter-generational opportunity for our church to come together and deepen our faith,” says leader Pastor Michael Paradise. It all happens @ 6:30pm in the Young Adult Room in the church. All are welcome.