It's March 20; Good Morning Union

“God tests the heart, and is pleased with integrity.”        1 Chronicles 29:17

First a little background of this book. It probably not the more natural source in scripture to turn to for devotional insight but it is my book for today as I systematically look for spiritual insights in each book of the Bible. Today is 1 Chronicles- originally combined with 2 Chronicles as one book but actually divided when they translated it into Greek. It was probably written by Ezra along with the books of Nehemiah and the book that bears his name. It’s also probably the last book written in the Old Testament. After Babylonian captivity and the return to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and the temple, Nehemiah decided to build a library and gather resources that would confirm where God’s people had been historically so they would not forget where they were supposed to go prophetically.

It’s more of a sermon than a history book though it traces life from Creation through the death of David. The message does not have the details of the books of Kings but it seems to focus on the significant events as they relate to God’s leading in the lives of the Hebrews. My ah-ha moment this morning came at the end of the book as David was turning things over to his son Solomon. He reminded him that his success as the leader of God’s people would be directly proportional to his willingness to follow God with his life, being obedient to the prompting and leading of the real King.

The command to Solomon:

1.            “acknowledge the God of your fathers”

2.            “serve Him with:

a.            wholehearted devotion

b.            and a willing mind”

3.            “follow all the commands of the Lord your God”

The promise of God:

1.            “I will not fail you or forsake you”

2.            “I will be found by you”

I think the same applies to me today as I assume my position, not of leading any nation or anything like that, but as I lead the people that God places in my life closer to Him. I commit my life to following Him; He commits His life to using me. That’s the deal.

But the eye-catcher this morning was how God accomplished this process; what is He actually looking for to see if my words of willingness to commit are valid enough for Him to be able to act through me? Here’s what I found, “God tests the HEART and is pleased with INTEGRITY.” Outward show is not where it’s at, and the distinguishing quality is integrity. That word comes so close to defining the successful journey with God—integrity- being whole, undivided, honest in my moral compass of life; operating in life with moral principles that are unwavering; being true to God “as a needle is to the pole.” God is looking for INTEGRITY! And when He finds it He uses it as His means of changing the world. So, who am I when no one is looking? What choices will I make if no one would ever know? Do I drive live by the decisions I have made to follow God wholeheartedly, or does life drive me like a ship without a rudder, blown and tossed by the winds of change and compromise? Integrity is my honest response to God and His promise is that He will take it and run with it. God may my life be one of integrity for you.

Have a great day deciding to give it all to Him,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Every contact with the human or animal kingdoms gives me one more opportunity to be kind.” My tour guide in South Africa

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