It's March 24; Good Morning Union

“For such a time as this.”              Esther 4:14

This is a confusing book for me. I don’t like the way Esther, or Vashti for that matter (or women in general) were treated back then, but I guess I can’t change history. I don’t like telling girls today that they need to look beautiful so people of significance will notice them, but I guess I can’t change culture. I guess what I can do is to tell the female gender to be patient with us and faithful to God as we attempt to right injustices of inequality because God can even use bad situations to bring about His will, IF we focus on faithfulness to Him rather than trying to defeat the system. Systems don’t defeat easily, but we can still serve God and He can still accomplish great things through any of us when we focus on faithfulness.

That’s all I have to say today! The rest of the book is history!

Have a great day focusing on faithfulness,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “We aren’t called to be like other Christians; we are called to be like Christ.”

PS           PA Bible Study @ 8:30 with Janessa.

PPS        “Real Talk” with Nic Barnett and friends. Join them @ 9pm in the Rees Hall rec room for an hour of open talk about real issues facing young adults today. Guys have to check in at the front desk and be escorted down!!