It's March 26; Good Morning Union

“Teach me your ways… give me an undivided heart.”      Psalm 86:11

As opposed to the last two days, the book of Psalms is probably one of the easiest places to find encouragement and blessing. It’s full of David (and others) pouring out their hearts to God- sometimes in praise, sometimes in petition, sometimes in perplexity- but always pouring out their hearts. That’s what I find most beneficial about prayer- that it’s not a checklist of things I should say, or a shopping list of things I want—it’s just pouring my heart out to God as to a friend- saying whatever is on my heart and mind, like I would with a friend, believing that He hears me and is more interested in responding than I am in initiating the “conversation.” The faith statement is both that He hears, and that He answers- IN THE WAY HE KNOWS IS BEST.

So today I literally just opened the psalms and looked for the first place my eyes fell on the page. Not the most strategic approach to Bible study, but then again, this is the psalms! J What I found was a prayer of David, complete with things he was asking for and things he was acknowledging about his God. I saw the two requests in my verse for today that refocused my life so I thought I would share them with you.

“Teach me your way, O Lord.” My spiritual journey is not just a shot in the dark and good luck I hope it all works out somehow. It’s an intentional decision that my source of direction for my spiritual journey comes from God and not myself, or my friends, or my surroundings, or my culture. I want to be taught by God. And second, “Give me an undivided heart.” It doesn’t work very well going part way with God or returning to Him only in times of need. I believe the most confusing part of the Christian journey is compartmentalization of God to be resourced as needed rather than a decision that it is ALL about God and everything else in my life is monitored and directed by that focus. “Undivided,” that means for me the desire to make God everything in my life, and that is NOT easy. That’s why it’s in David’s prayer and not just on his bucket list of things HE wants do some day. It’s a God-controlling decision that is made voluntarily by my willingness to let Him rule completely in my life. The challenge is how hard it is to let go. Again, that’s why it’s prayer; I can’t do it so I need God to accomplish it for me.

So the prayer is continual and the surrender perpetual, and the result is unbelievable!

Have a great day connecting with God in willingness for Him to take over,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “When nominally religious people experience the church as a community of people who embrace first and preach later, who celebrate life in those given up for dead, who  err on the side of grace in matters of doctrine and politics so that no one, ever, must sit on the margins—we’re far less likely to lose people around the edges.” Kenda Dean

PS           Hour of Power, special prayer meeting this month, at the church @ 6:30pm (with "March of Faith") in the Young Adult Room. All are welcome.

PPS        Westney White, from Nevada-Utah Conference is here looking for people interested in Magabooking this summer. See him in the Ortner Lobby today if you are interested.

PPPS      Sign up in the Humanities Division for the Spiritual Gifts Workshop happening April 12 and 19. This is a great chance to continue the journey toward discovering God’s calling in your life. He called and He equipped you; find out more about it.

PPPPS   Pick up an application if you are interested in working in Campus Ministries next year.