It's March 3; Good Morning Union

“When He appears, we shall be like Him…”  1 John 3:3

I continue to become more and more merciful as I get more and more “chronologically experienced” in life. Kinder, gentler, mercifuler (that’s my new word for the day!), lovinger (ok, there’s another one. I’m on a role!), graciouser, forgivinger. Word creativity is a by-product of “chronological experience!”

My picture of God, who has more “chronological experience” than anyone, includes Him being the superlative of all those qualities and then some. He is in the business, as I see it in His word, of saving not condemning, of wanting “EVERYONE to be saved and to come to a knowledge of Him.” I continue to bless myself and my relationships with others as I become more inclusive than exclusive. I enjoy my spiritual journey more as I realize that others are on that journey as well, starting from different places, taking different routes, arriving at different times, but still on the same journey as me. It’s not a race, I don’t have to beat anyone. It’s a journey of helpfulness so we can all arrive at our destination.

My verse today reminded me again of this.

1.         We are God’s children

2.         We WILL be like Him

3.         But not until He appears

4.         Because THAT’S when we see Him face to face

5.         And the HOPE of seeing Him face to face and thus being transformed into His likeness is what purifies us.

Not my good works, not being victorious over sin, not anything—except seeing Him face to face! That’s what transforms me into His likeness (which will include things like good works and victory over sin, but for a whole different reason); that’s what will make me like Him. That’s what keeps me on the journey—knowing that I WILL see Him and that He WILL change me. That’s what keeps me wanting to help others on the journey to meeting Him. We’re all on the journey- what can we do to bless others by helping them on their journey to seeing Jesus face to face and thus being changed into His likeness!?

Have a great day on the journey,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Biblical generosity isn’t about giving the minimum. It’s about surrendering it all.”

PS        PA Bible Study @ 8:30 with Janessa.

PPS        “Real Talk” with Nic Barnett and friends. Join them @ 9pm in the Rees Hall rec room for an hour of open talk about real issues facing young adults today. Guys have to check in at the front desk and be escorted down!!